Create a Client Onboarding System

Your onboarding system is your client’s first real experience with your business and how you work. You want to WOW them. What’s a client onboarding system you may be asking? It’s what happens the moment AFTER a client says YES they want to work with you. It includes things like how you take their payment, […]

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#1 Thing Not to do During an Enrollment Call

Every conversation you have with a potential client is all about serving the other person, whether they hire you or not. The PURPOSE of the enrollment call, while yes it hopefully leads to a new client, is primarily to help the potential client gain CLARITY on their vision and challenges. So since the entire point […]

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Getting to ‘The Ask’

You’ve created your offer and attracted your ideal client, it’s time to enroll them. This is where many coaches get all tied up into knots. “OMG I can’t sell myself!” “I hate selling!” “I suck at selling!” Ya, Ya. I get it. But guess what? You won’t be selling. No, you’ll be serving. Big difference. […]

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Attract Your Ideal Client

You’ve received your coaching certification. You have your business foundations all set up. You’ve done your planning and you know who you serve and what you have to offer. You even have your coaching packages and pricing all set up. So now what? Now, you need to attract and enroll clients! Yes, you do not […]

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Set Your Coaching Business Up for Success

Every business needs a solid foundation and a coaching business is no exception. Without a solid foundation, even if you start off with a big bang, it will eventually crumble like a house of cards. Your foundation includes things like getting clear on your direction, who you serve and how you serve them, as well […]

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Practical Tips on How to Start and Grow a Coaching Business in Canada

Looking for practical tips on how to start and grow a coaching business in Canada?  Look no further, The Canadian Coach can support you from A to Z. In our upcoming blog series, we will share tips on what you need to do to get your coaching business started and grow, from setting the foundation […]

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It’s time to embrace change…


Are you afraid to change? Are you nervous of all the changes going on in your life and the world today? It’s true; change is scary. It’s the unknown. But change is also inevitable. Are you the exact same person as you were 10 or 20 years ago? Imagine if one day a higher power […]

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Can one thought change your life?

Heather E Wilson Your Life According to You

I am often asked how I got started in coaching and how I personally transformed my own life from being a frumpy, depressed, stay-at-home mom to an international speaker, successful business coach and retreat facilitator who travels the world to exotic locations. It’s a long story but I’ll try to keep it as brief as […]

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The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Meditation

Lazy Woman's Meditation

Do you meditate? I fully admit I suck at the more traditional types of meditation. Trust me. I’ve tried. Just like me, I’m sure you’ve heard or read all about the benefits of meditation—less stress, better health, more focus, etc. I WANT to like meditating (just like I wish I liked salmon but no matter […]

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