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The Canadian Coach Premium

Expand Your Network, Position Yourself as an Expert, Increase Your Visibility, and Grow Your Coaching Business

With the right support, hand-delivered expert knowledge, and an incredibly open and supportive community of professionals, you’d be surprised how fast you can get where you want to go.

Say goodbye to the jungle of over-hyped promises, underwhelming “secrets”, and less-than-honest gurus. Join a community of active professional Canadian coaches committed to each others’ success.

Whether you are a brand new or well-established coach, we have something for you. Get help on your specific business challenges and grow your coaching business today.

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There are three levels of membership Catalyst, Visionary, and Legacy. Click the button below to select the level that best suits your needs.

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Our lively community of Canadian Coaches are always excited to welcome new members. Through the exclusive Canadian Coach membership platform you'll have a place to connect with other coaches in Canada and stay up to date on all our news and events. We take building our community and connecting with each other very seriously (after all, relationships is one of our core values).

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It’s easy to access all the resources available to you. Simply visit our online membership portal, which is your “one stop shop” for everything your membership includes. Feel free to explore our extensive knowledge base, which has hundreds of resources, videos, forms, articles, books, courses, and services waiting for you. New resources are added regularly so be sure to check back often.

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This is your chance to get laser-focused attention on your business from people who want to see you succeed. Members use these sessions to get unstuck, get moving, and get a valuable perspective on their specific business situation. All you need to do is bring your issue, and our community of coaches can help you get it solved.

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Our CEO, Heather E. Wilson, and other experienced members regularly host trainings to teach you the latest in what's working now to grow your coaching business. You'll have access to trainings on various social media platforms, where to find grants, marketing and sales strategies, enrollment skills, coaching methods, and much more!

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The Canadian Coach Business Academy


Wading through all the information out there on how to grow a thriving coaching practice can be exhausting. That's why we put everything you need to know all in one place inside The Canadian Coach Business Academy. This one-of-a-kind self-study course shows you how to start and grow a coaching business in Canada. It’s filled with practical tips and checklists for your coaching business from A to Z.

“The Business Academy was one of the best things I did"

Barb O’Dell, It’s Your Life Coach

“I have enrolled and taken different programs, where I invested a lot of money, and did not get the same results I did with you. Before finding you I felt like I was wandering aimlessly along, not truly knowing what or where I was going. I also felt very alone, being a solopreneur. I cannot express how the TCC Business Academy was one of the best things I did. The simplicity of this program was so refreshing, after taking others that were not. It was clear and precise in what steps needed to be taken and why. I never felt overwhelmed, or afraid to reach out and ask for help if I needed it. I also loved meeting all the other coaches taking the program and connecting with them. You gave clear and concise homework and always explained why it was done that way.

I honestly wish I had found the Academy before I did any other of my programs. I learned all I needed to begin my coaching practice and so much more. I truly cannot express how helpful taking your first program has been for me.”

“The support from the group is awesome.”

“I joined the Canadian Coach to get more exposure for my business. What I have experienced has been amazing. The community of coaches supporting each other, sharing tips, resources, feedback, and ideas is more than I could have hoped for. The support from the group is awesome. There are corporate partners that are worth a ton to your business. If you are a Canadian coach, you are doing a disservice to your business if you are not a member.”

Mark Johnson, Success Innovations Inc.

“I signed on two new clients.”

“Whether you are a new or seasoned coach, I would highly recommend Heather’s Advanced Enrollment Masterclass. I learned so much from her insights and from leading enrollment conversations using her processes. I can now clearly see the value to prospective clients in helping them achieve greater clarity surrounding their goals and challenges. The week following the course, I signed on two new clients.”

Marlene Cameron, Marlene Cameron Coaching

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In addition to the above benefits, when you join as a Visionary Member, you also have the opportunity to…

Build Authority and Visibility Through The Canadian Coach Blog and Social Media Channels

Visionary and Legacy members have the opportunity to publish guest articles on The Canadian Coach blog and YouTube channel, which get promoted via several social media channels. You also have the opportunity to be a featured member of the week or month across our social media.

Get Help with Your Tech With Our "Ask the VA" Coaching Calls

As a Visionary or Legacy member, you'll gain the support of our expert Virtual Assistant. Each month you have the opportunity to submit your questions and get hands on demonstrations so you can figure out all your tech challenges. All calls are recorded and added to our library, so you can always go back and reference them as needed.

Host One of Our Monthly Coach Training or Coffee with Coaches Group Calls

Established and experienced members have the opportunity to share their expertise with other members of The Canadian Coach. You can share a topic that helps another coach grow or improve their coaching business.
Note: topic and dates are upon approval.

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“Broadened and deepened my network”

Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur’s G.P.S.

“Heather has created this amazing community of Canadian coaches. It has helped me make connections right across Canada with other coaches and its broadened and deepened my network. In fact, through those connections, I’ve been introduced to a whole new marketplace.”

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In addition to the above benefits, when you join as a Legacy Member, you also have the opportunity to…

Get Hands-On Support Through a Monthly High Level Mastermind Coaching Call

Legacy members have their very own mastermind call each month. This is in addition to the other coaching calls and is specifically for established coaches. These special mastermind calls are here to help you scale your business and leverage your time. You can find joint venture partners and deepen your relationship with other experienced coaches.

Receive private 1-1 Coaching Sessions With Heather

Legacy members receive four 30-minute one-to-one calls with our CEO, Heather E. Wilson. Heather has been running a successful private coaching practice for over 11 years and has a deep well of expertise to offer other coaches. These private calls with Heather are your chance to get support with your business strategy, creating a new program, getting unstuck, or whatever you need. Bring your issues to Heather and she’ll personally coach you.

Attend All of Heather’s International Masterclass Programs

Heather teaches masterclasses all year long to her international audience of coaches. Legacy members receive an All-Access Pass to all additional trainings and programs that Heather hosts all year long.

Promote Your Program to Heather’s International Email List

Heather will send up to 2 emails promoting your program or freebie, once per year to her international list of coaches and consultants. Note that your program will be vetted and must be a fit for her audience before you receive approval and mailing dates. This is an affiliate or joint venture relationship.

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“Being a member of TCC has exceeded my expectations.”

Dan Murray, Your Restoration Coach

“I was looking for a group to join and network with. The fact that TCC is focused on Canadian coaches was a real plus to me. Being a member of TCC has exceeded my expectations because of the training, exposure, and ideas being a member gives you access to. It’s a forum of like-minded people to bounce ideas off, get tips, and gain new opportunities. But the main benefit to me has been the awesome community that has evolved with being a member. If you are a Canadian coach, of any type, I highly recommend you join.“

“From the moment I first joined TCC, I felt like a VIP.”

Mandy Ross, TV Host & Media Personality, & Coach

“Having taken other popular programs, I would highly recommend The Canadian Coach to any new coach or those looking to up their coaching game. The TCC experience really provides so much more than basic information. The connection, feedback, and collaborative ideas that come from every call leave me feeling inspired and confident at applying the knowledge I learned to my business. I feel happy with my decision to be a member and feel excited to expand my coaching business as a result!”

The coaching industry in Canada is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. Will you be a part of it or the one left behind on the sidelines?

Join Our Community And Get Access To A Suite Of Resources And A Welcoming Group of Big-Hearted Canadian Coaches Who Are Growing Their Businesses Together.

"The Canadian Coach is the real deal and gives value beyond your expectations. It's worth every penny!"

“I can already attest to the value of membership in TCC. Being the sceptic I am, I hesitated to join! I joined The Canadian Coach and now can confidently assure anyone who is thinking about joining that it is worth every penny! It's the real deal and gives value beyond your expectations. Keep up the great work Heather!💕

Lea Nicolas, The Canadian Coach Premium Member

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