Overwhelmed and Frustrated to Thriving and Better Blood Sugar Control

When I first met Sarah, she was frustrated and overwhelmed. A Type 2 diabetic; she lacked energy and her blood sugars were high enough to consider an insulin pump. She spent most of her days at home, was sedentary and was feeling hopeless, alone and unsupported.

She knew she had to make some big changes or her health would continue to decline.

I invited Sarah to work with me to get the support, information, guidance and accountability she needed so that she could make some important lifestyle changes and so that her health became her number one priority.

We worked together for a few months and discussed small changes she could make to her meal plan, she began to exercise more and we discussed strategies for managing a chronic illness and stress management techniques. During this time, she took consistent action and made healthier choices.

I encouraged her to find ways of incorporating fun activities into her routine. She committed to the process and during our weekly sessions, she shared with me the strategies that were working well for her and we identified the challenges she was facing and were able to adjust her wellness plan.

This is where Sarah’s story takes a turn…

Sarah shared with me her first win within a couple of weeks of working with me; her weight began to go down and she had lost 20 pounds. She was feeling better, had more energy and was walking more. She was taking time to enjoy activities with her husband and her son.  She even started a new job.  Her blood sugars were coming down. She was happy. She had finally found the support she needed and was no longer frustrated by having Type 2 diabetes. We continued working together.

We explored the following themes: nutrition, exercise, blood glucose monitoring, reducing complications, taking medications, solving problems, and coping well. She filled in questionnaires, completed exercises, journaled and participated in group challenges. Her confidence increased and she continued to make changes. Because Sarah was seeing results, motivation was high and that gave her the momentum she needed to move forward.

She was super excited the day she informed me that she went to see her doctor, the day she was supposed to decide whether or not to get her insulin pump. The doctor went over her results and told Sarah she was pleased with the results. Her blood sugars were finally low enough to be within target. All of her hard work was paying off.

Sarah shared with me the sense of pride she had because she was making lifestyle changes and making better healthier decisions. Sarah felt a sense of freedom. Her confidence had increased because she understood how to monitor her blood sugars and how to manage the highs and lows. She knew the steps she needed to take to stay well and avoid complications.


About the Author

Kim MckayKim McKay helps recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetics increase their confidence and wellbeing. Through her self-care practices, she helps you reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm. She fosters healthy coping strategies and encourages you to build a happier and healthier life. To discover more go to: www.rphealthandwellness.ca