Even WonderWoman Needs Help

Even WonderWoman needs Helps

So this happened… I was in Ottawa working and I got locked IN my hotel room. Yes, I do know how to use a deadbolt and yes, I do know how to use a room key card. Yes, I tried it many many times. I was INSIDE my room so the key card didn’t matter. […]

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Make Your Dreams a Reality


“A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien We all have dreams. Without dreams, life isn’t much fun living. Sometimes we allow those dreams to blossom and grow to fruition and sometimes we let our dreams wither and die. You may love, love, love your job, career or business. You […]

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You Have the Right to Choose

Right to choose

“As human beings, we are endowed with freedom of choice and we cannot shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or nature. We must shoulder it ourselves. It is up to us.” ~Arnold J. Toynbee You have the right to choose. This is your greatest gift. You can choose your dreams: to be […]

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

starting a business

I am often asked to speak to young entrepreneur groups and the number one question I get is what advice would I give to someone just starting out along the entrepreneurial path. I do in fact have a top ten list. However, it is good for anyone thinking about starting their own business, not just […]

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Overwhelmed and Frustrated to Thriving and Better Blood Sugar Control

When I first met Sarah, she was frustrated and overwhelmed. A Type 2 diabetic; she lacked energy and her blood sugars were high enough to consider an insulin pump. She spent most of her days at home, was sedentary and was feeling hopeless, alone and unsupported. She knew she had to make some big changes or […]

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Are You Managing by Intuition or Ego?

How to find a coach

It’s not always easy to tell if you are making decisions from the right place. However, if you follow your intuition, your life is likely to be more enjoyable and meaningful. Here is what numerous studies have shown…follow your ego and you might be successful in many ways, but you’re likely to find yourself wondering […]

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