Do you give too much?

Lauren came into my office wanting to explore what had contributed to the end of her 10-year marriage.  Still reeling from her husband’s announcement that he was leaving her for the “other woman”.  Her greatest fear had come to light.  She was alone.  What was worse, alone at night, scared, vulnerable and most of all […]

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The Myth of Someday


Do you dream of someday? Most of us wish for and dream of a future with more success, more wealth, more happiness, more energy, and more freedom to do the things we want. Someday I will buy my dream house. Someday I will take that trip. Someday I will get healthy. We see a future […]

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Put a system on it


I’ve been officially public speaking for close to 11 years now. Wow that is a long time. But even before that, well pretty much from birth, I’ve been comfortable in front of an audience. When I was a child, I used to put on puppet shows, skits, plays, and participate in dance and figure skating […]

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What to do when you feel useless and alone


Have you ever felt alone? I love Marie Forleo and I’ve often shared some of her more memorable videos here on my blog. But this one brought tears to my eyes. In it, Marie shares a letter she received from a 15-year old girl who is feeling very worthless, useless and alone—something many of us […]

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5 Life Lessons from Halloween…for adults


This week is Halloween. Yippee!!! Very soon, thousands of children dressed up in a variety of awesome costumes will be running around door-to-door asking for treats—and getting them. It is a time of year I have always loved, not just for the candy when I was a child but for the dressing up and being […]

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Patterns in Your Family


Our challenges in life can end up feeling like a puzzle. What if the painful patterns that keep reoccurring in your life are actually the clues to putting the pieces of your puzzle together? Listen to this audio blog post to learn more.   […]

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Thank You


It’s Thanksgiving in Canada while I write this (Monday). Actually, I am writing in between basting the turkey in the oven and setting the table for my family who are due to arrive shortly. I just LOVE the smell of the house as the turkey cooks…it reminds me of all the previous Thanksgiving and Christmas […]

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