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Sometimes I get the best videos and things to share with you from my kids.

It often amazes me the things they choose to watch. Yes, they still play video games and do the things you would expect teenagers to do, but every once in a while they will surprise you with some really profound thoughts and opinions on things going on in the world at large.

I want to share with you today one of my son’s favourite Youtubers (yes that is what they are called): Prince Ea.

Today’s video is really short but really awesome. It’s about how important life’s moments really are and how quickly they disappear.

The fact that my son shared this with me shows me that the younger generations do think about this stuff and much more than you would expect.

From the video description: “What’s life without moments? Vacations should be a time to go away and come together. From now on lets take our whole vacation.

So if you are taking a vacation this summer and especially if you are not, watch this video right now today.

P.S. Prince Ea has tons of awesome videos…I urge you to give some of them a watch.

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