Why You Need to Stay Organized

Is it hard for your to stay organized?

Do you feel like you have a lot of things you need to do, but you don’t know where to start?

Whether you are a coach or a client, having good organizational skills is important. It’s impossible to get things done when you are all over the place.

Practicing effective organizational skills helps you personally and professionally, and your good organization skills are reflected in the completion of all of your everyday responsibilities.

A decluttered mind increases your productivity.

Being organized helps you with decision-making, and you are less stressed out when dealing with your work or business.

For some people, it’s hard to maintain an organized life. Where do you even begin?

Declutter your space

There is a place for everything. If you have your own office, one of the easiest things to keep organized is to clear up your desk. Don’t leave your files lying around. You never know if you accidentally spill coffee on an important document or you throw away a contract needed for your business. It is helpful if your supplies are in their designated containers. So if you need them in the future, you know where to find them. Make sure the files and equipment you use regularly are within easy reach.

Labels are everything

Whether you are storing files digitally or physically, label them accordingly. Trust me, you will thank me later! I love love my label maker. It’ss easy to find files when you arrange them by date or location. Another tip is to colour-code files according to year, project, or event. It’s also good to name your files with the year and a keyword, so it’s easy to search on your computer.

Utilize your Google or Apple Calendar

Almost everyone has a smartphone. I’m pretty sure you have Google or Apple Calendar in your apps already, so why not use it? If you have a million things you need to attend to like meetings, client onboarding, project deadlines, or even family events, add it to your calendar. It’s an easy way to remember what you need to do for the day, the coming week, or the next month. The good thing about Google or Apple Calendar is that you can sync your computer and laptop.

Time management is one of the advantages of being organized. Do you know how much time is wasted when you are looking for that one piece of paper needed for your report or client? 15, 20, 30 minutes? You could’ve used that time to prepare for your presentation or session. But instead, you get stressed out because you need that paper or file. Do you see how staying organized is important here?

Being organized allows you to have that laser focus attention. You can accomplish tasks, attend and engage during your meetings, and be an excellent communicator. Listening is an underrated skill that most of us should work on. Listening requires concentration and attention. But how can you do that when your thoughts are disorganized because you are thinking about that one task that you forgot to do?

Organize yourself so you can set goals. When you have everything that you need to-do written down, you can easily pinpoint the things that you need to prioritize, what needs more work, or things that you need to let go of (FYI: the what NOT-TO-DO list is just as important as the TO-DO list).

And lastly, it makes life easier. You work more efficiently and it saves you time and energy. You can finally do that one hobby that you’ve always wanted to try or take some time off!

Making your life easier should be a priority for you and if the cost is a little bit of organization, then so be it.