What’s your theme song?


I don’t do resolutions.

I’m not into a wish or goal made on a whim at midnight that I’ll more than likely (according to statistics) not do or stick to for very long.

I do, however, create plans, goals and intentions.

And one thing that I have done for many many years, and rather enjoy, is choosing my theme song for the new year.

Everybody needs a theme song!

That one song that when you hear it, it boosts your mood, reconfirms your direction and motivates you to action. I actually use my theme song as (what I like to call) my prime intention or prime directive, if you are into Star Trek.

It gives me direction for the year. Yes, I’ll have other more specific intentions to go along with it, but this ONE intention is the focus of the year.

In the past some of my songs have been…

It’s My Life ~ Bon Jovi (probably my LIFE theme song)

Fireworks ~ Katy Perry

We Weren’t Born to Follow ~ Bon Jovi

I Gotta Feeling ~ Black Eyed Peas

Live ~ One Republic

Today’s the day ~ Pink

This year my prime intention is to RISE. To create more experiences. To live more fully and enjoy each moment.

When I choose my theme song I have a few criteria.

It needs to express my prime intention for the most part. It needs to be fairly current so that I have a chance of hearing it on the radio. And, it needs to be super catchy so that I can sing along wherever I am—like the car, the shower, the kitchen…my office. Wherever.

This year, I already knew the song I wanted. Last year was a fairly rough year for me personally, so I’m ready to get past all that and move forward.

I’ve already used Live by One Republic and I never use the same song twice. Then, I thought Shut Up and Dance (Walk Off the Moon) would be perfect because I LOVE that song and it’s great to sing with but it just didn’t resonate 100% with what I was looking for. And, there isn’t a Bon Jovi song this year that fit the bill.

So this is what I chose…

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