So You Had a Bad Day

Bad Day

Have you ever had a bad day?

The kind of day that just doesn’t seem to flow like you want and you feel all icky?

I’m pretty sure you have. I have. We all have.

There is just no way a person can stay super happy, positive and totally joyful every minute of every day. Even me. While I do try as much as possible to stay positive and optimistic and for the most part I choose to be happy, I can have an off day too. I am human after all. And as humans, you and I have a wide variety of emotions to experience.

Having a bad day is not such a bad thing.

It can make you stop and think about what is going on in your life. Having the odd off day, makes us truly appreciate the great days. It gives you the opportunity to make different choices. It is a message from the universe that you need to take care of yourself better.

When I have a bad or off day, there are a few things I like to do that really help. Some of these may surprise you.

  1. Accept it. Don’t fight it. Yes, accept the fact that right now you are not feeling particularly happy or positive and that is OK. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Truly feel those icky feelings. Don’t stuff them or ignore them. Just sit with it for a bit. Take the day if you have to and then move on. Tomorrow is always a new day.
  2. Give yourself a time out. An off day usually signifies that you need some time for thinking and self care. Instead of inflicting your off mood on others, find a quiet space for yourself. Go for a drive. Sit in a park. Or soak in a hot bath. Nap. Just breathe. Some quality alone time can usually lift your spirits.
  3. It’s all perspective. A day is only bad if you decided it is. So once you’ve accepted your feelings and had some alone time, decide what you are going to make of the rest of your day. Maybe you need more time to think and take care of your needs. Or maybe you are ready to go have some fun and be social again. Whichever it is, you decide how your day is going to go and how you feel; no one else. Don’t let 5 minutes of stress ruin an entire day
  4. Remember that this too shall pass. No matter how bad a situation is, things will get better. Often things have a way of working out and even if it isn’t exactly how you wanted, it is usually an opportunity for you to learn and grow. You can look back in time and see that it was for the best.
  5. Count your blessings. Yes, remember how blessed you truly are. While it may not instantly cheer you up, it does help to put things in perspective and move you through the situation.

Bad days happen to the best of us. The trick is not to wallow in it or let it go on for more than a day. Embrace an off day as time for you to reconnect with yourself and tomorrow things will look a whole lot better.

What do you do when you have a bad day? Push through it or give yourself a time out? Leave your comments below.

P.S. Bonus: if you need instant cheering up spend time with a young child, pet a cat or dog, run down a hill, laugh, watch crazy cat videos, or watch the video below.

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