Patience Grasshopper


I love to garden.

Well, more accurately I love to HAVE a garden. I love to look out across my yard and see all the bounty growing and know that I am providing yummy and healthy organic food for my family and friends and helping the environment at the same time. I really enjoy planting and the harvest…weeding not so much.

During this time of isolation that we have no idea when it will truly end, I’ve been dreaming and planning this year’s garden (it helps keep me sane while stuck at home). I’ve been doing a ton of research on gardening tips and tricks. As a result, I’ve been going through seed and plant catalogs, surfing the net for innovative space saving ideas, and of course looking for cool ideas to try.

But there is one thing that you cannot find in any catalog: Patience.

Yes, being a gardener means you need tons of patience. And, I’m not always the most patient of people. I love to see results as quickly as possible, but with gardening the results are slow and steady, not instantaneous.

You prep the ground. Plant the seed. Water and fertilize it. Hope it gets some sun. Then wait. And wait.

When that first tiny green speck first pokes through the soil, it is happy dance time.

Then you have to sit back and wait some more; taking care of the plant and watching it slowly grow to its potential. There is NOTHING you can do to hurry the process along. The plant will mature when it is the right time. You learn patience big time.

Personal transformation can be like that. Sure it can happen in a flash of insight, but most often that is just the initial spark or seed that gets you going.

Personal growth or transformation is an ongoing thing, it is happening right now…not at some point in the future.

Just like the seed beneath the soil, you need patience to keep nurturing yourself and letting things happen in their own time—even if you aren’t seeing results right away.

Expect great results no matter what you see in front of you. KNOW that the universe is rearranging itself in YOUR best interest right now.

The seed will grow into a plant. But some things take time and you may not be ready for all the awesome things the universe has in store for you. So you need patience grasshopper.

Yes, there is such a thing as instant manifestation, but for the most of us it takes time to get to where we want to go.

Be gentle with yourself.

Know that you are doing the best you can in the circumstances you have and that every day you learn (aka grow) a tiny bit more. Have patience, and before you know it, you’ll be doing the happy dance.

About the Author

Heather WIlsonHeather E. Wilson is the founder and CEO of The Canadian Coach, a directory and membership platform designed to unite, support and promote Canadian coaches. She's a successful business coach, speaker, author (Your Life According to You!), warrior, change-maker, risk-taker, and adventurer all rolled into one dynamic package.