There is No Such Thing as a Problem!

No such thing as a problem

What a bold statement. You might be thinking, “She’s crazy. I know problems; I have a problem right now!”

But you are also probably intrigued too.

So yes, there is no such thing as a problem, and here’s why.

You live in the feeling of your thinking. Not in the feeling of the world.


You constantly feel your thoughts, and only experience everything in life through your thinking brought to life from your consciousness.

Everything you experience is through thought. Those thoughts create stories for you about what things mean to you.  You create the story and then believe it to be true.

Things happen in the world all the time and you experience those things through your thoughts. Those thoughts create your feelings, and you feel those thoughts.

That is how you experience every moment.

For example: Imagine you have a potential big client. You are working on a proposal that will potentially lead to future bigger deals. You planned a meeting with this client for next week, thinking you’d have plenty of time to nail everything. But suddenly, the client is flying in today and wants to meet. You’re not ready! You haven’t prepared yourself, your best pitch or how to close this deal. This is a big client with huge potential profit.

You don’t want to mess it up; you can’t mess it up!

Is this a problem?

No! Like I said, there is no such thing as a problem!

This is a story you tell yourself, and you believe it. Because you believe it’s a problem, you get caught up in it. Believing it’s a problem makes it seem real and you get caught up in the illusion of that. You may experience some panic, and think that the last minute meeting is what is causing it. When you actually are only feeling your thoughts.

What happens when you see that it’s a thought?

The implication of seeing it as a thought allows you to naturally fall back into just being in the flow of that moment. When you aren’t caught up in the illusion of a problem, and the misunderstanding of what’s causing your panic, your mind naturally clears itself. Thought and feelings pass, and you’re left in your innate state of clarity, creativity, and confidence.

Can you imagine from that state of clarity what you can confidently create for that last minute meeting?

All the possibilities….endless possibilities, really!

As for the problem, that was a thought created. What might have looked like a problem for you, someone else could perceive as opportunity.

It is thought.

Problems don’t actually exist.

Problems are thoughts.

They are not real. They are only as real as you are willing to believe they are.

Sometimes you fall into the illusions of your thinking.

But the knowing how you experience life moment to moment through thought is empowering.

Because when you simply notice your thought created world, and that you are living in the feeling of those thoughts, not the world around you, those illusions fall away, and you are left in that innate serene state of clarity and confidence.

Ready to create endless possibilities.

About the Author

Zaina Della Porta helps high achievers maximize their potential, create self-awareness and possibilities, to take inspired and bold actions within a serene state of clarity, confidence and flow.

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