My Fears

My Fears

Some people may think I am fearless—I have no problem taking risks. But I actually have fears like everyone else.

And to prove it, this past weekend, while looking for something totally unrelated, I found a list of my fears from early 2008.

Yes, I actually wrote down a massive list of things I feared way back when.

Deep personal fears too; not fears of heights or spiders or whatever.

That’s strange you may think. But not really, I find writing things down really helps me get things out in the open so I can work on them.

And it works because I don’t have most of those fears anymore.

You might try it sometime.

Are you curious as to what was on my list? Maybe you’ve had one of these fears too.

“I fear feeling like this forever—being stuck, worrying, stressed out, etc.”

At the time I wrote this, my life was pretty messed up. I don’t have that fear anymore because now I know I can change and improve my life however fast or slow I want. I don’t think I ever feel stuck anymore in anything. Sometimes I might slow down (OK not that often), but if I start to even think I am feeling stuck, I do something totally different to get out of it. Remember you are never stuck.

I fear that I am not a very good parent and that my kids will decide to go live with their Dad.

As a single Mom, this was a big fear for me. I was fairly newly divorced back then and really trying to make it all work. I don’t fear that anymore and haven’t for a long long time. My oldest is now 23 and in University. I think most parents feel they suck once in a while, but really we are all just doing the best we can with what we know. I am now confident that I am doing a good job and my kids are still here with me so they must think so too. There will always be good days and not so good days with kids, but really that is life.

“I fear there is something wrong with me because I am not like everyone else—I don’t feel like everyone else; I don’t think like everyone else; and I don’t want to accept how things are.”

Ok this was a rather bizarre one for me. I don’t even know where this one came from really unless it was a throwback from when I was a teenager. I totally don’t even have one tiny bit of this fear anymore. I’m not like everyone else and that’s a good thing. I don’t want to be like everyone else because I’m me. It’s my quirks that make me oh so loveable and fun. The same goes for you. Who wants to be a copy of everyone else? Ugg…that would make the world pretty boring. Embrace your uniqueness and simply be yourself.

So those are three fears I used to have and got rid of over the years.

Do you want to know one on the list I still sort of have? This is pretty personal so don’t read anymore if you don’t want to know.

“I fear that getting super successful will mean my lifestyle will have to change so much that won’t be able to still do the things I like to do.”

Yes, I sometimes allow the fear of success to limit me. I’m working on it and a good part of it is gone, but sometimes it does sneak in. If I am super successful or famous, will I still be able to walk down the street and go shopping on my own or will I need a pack of bodyguards following me? Will I have to wear a baseball cap in public just to hide my identity? Will I be on the cover of a fashion magazine looking all awesome or some gossip rag with my alien baby?

Who knows. Will I lose my freedom? I think that is what most concerns me. Right now I pretty much do what I want when I want. I would hate to lose that.

And, so you see, I have fears that I am still working on too.

Here is one last fear—a funny one (this was really on my list btw).

“I fear this is all some big elaborate dream and one day I will wake up.” (weird one I know)

What are some of your fears? Take the plunge and list one or more in the comments below. My guess is someone else has the same fear too.

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