Are You Managing by Intuition or Ego?

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Intuition or ego?It’s not always easy to tell if you are making decisions from the right place.

However, if you follow your intuition, your life is likely to be more enjoyable and meaningful.

Here is what numerous studies have shown…follow your ego and you might be successful in many ways, but you’re likely to find yourself wondering why you’re not as happy as you think you should be.

Learning to determine whether it’s your intuition or ego guiding your decision making can make a huge difference in your personal and business life.

Consider these differences:

  1. Ego-based decisions are grounded in fear and self-preservation. Deciding to go to take on a business partner solely for their status in your community can be ego.
  2. Ego-based decisions typically have emotion connected to them. A choice made from a place of intuition just feels “right” and often comes out of left field.
  3. Ego-based decisions consider external results. For example, if you writing a book in order to have a bestseller, or are you writing a book because you’re fascinated with the idea of writing a book? Are you taking an action to gain certain results, or does the action itself provide sufficient satisfaction?
  4. Ego-based decisions involve rationalization. Your ego is wonderful at convincing you that its choice is the right one. “I’ll never make that sale to a national network. Imagine how disappointed I’ll feel when it doesn’t work out. People like me are destined to only be order takers, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I can still have a decent life.”
  5. The ego tries to justify itself with facts, figures, and logic. If you’re using logic to convince yourself of a course of action, you can bet that’s your ego squawking.
  6. Intuition doesn’t judge. A thought or decision arising from intuition doesn’t involve judgment statements about right or wrong, good or bad. Intuitive thoughts feel calm, relaxed, and peaceful. There’s a universal truth to an idea that arises from intuition.
  7. Is the expected gratification coming from within or is it external? Would you make the same choice if no one would ever know? Would you purchase that Mercedes if no one ever knew you owned it? Or do you simply love German automobiles and love the idea of owning a precision car? Are you driven by money and admiration or by personal satisfaction?

While the ego can be very limiting, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s wrong.

Remember that the ego’s motivation is largely based on self-preservation. Ignoring the ego can be challenging. It uses fear to influence you. It’s only natural to avoid fear and seek comfort.

The trick is to realize when fear is holding you back from something bigger and better. Sometimes fear is keeping you from doing something foolish. Think before choosing which voice to follow. Use these tips to help you make a decision that will bring you true happiness and build real value.

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