I am Hearing You…Through Me.

Have you ever played broken telephone?

Remember the game where a message starts out one way then slowly it transforms as one person passes it on to another, until the message sounds amusingly different at the end?

What’s so interesting about this game is that as it passes each ear it’s heard and experienced through that person’s thinking. Then they pass it along to the next ear, only this time it’s a different message because now it’s from their perspective.

It’s no wonder how the original message gets changed, even lost. It’s all passed through the filter of ‘Me’. 

This also applies to people. You see them through the filter of ‘Me’. You experience who they are through your own thoughts.

So not only do you experience what they are saying according to ‘Me’, you experience who they are according to ‘Me’.

And it’s not even about them!

It’s all about ‘Me’.

You experience everything through your thoughts. Your thoughts create feelings, then you innocently assign those feelings to many things and people, falling into the illusion that those people are creating these feelings for you.

All of this to validate your ego.

You view people through your ‘Me’ thinking and make judgments about them. They are successful, ungrateful, unkind, or they are so generous, caring, and even they are so arrogant!

Ironic right?

Sometimes you even put them on a pedestal and look up to them, or maybe look down on them for their apparent shortcomings. And of course, you assume all of this according to your
‘Me’ perspective.

Just as someone else may see someone one way, another sees something else, so on and so on.

You live in a separate reality but innocently believe illusions. Illusions that look so real, illusions that feed on your ‘Me’ perspective, on your ego every time.

The illusion looks real, yet it’s only an illusion.

It looks so real that you believe it and then build on top of these illusions, seeking to validate them. After all, they do look real, and validating it serves ‘Me’.

It’s only when you truly see ‘how’ you experience life moment to moment, via thought, and that you live in the feelings of your thoughts, that you are able to experience noticing that
you are and have been feeling your thinking in the moment the whole time. All of the time.

You live in the feelings of your thinking in a thought created world, caught up in the illusion where something other than thought dictates how you feel. It’s only when you see this truth that your separate reality is truly experienced.

It’s only then you can actually experience hearing others without ‘Me’ in the way, that you can hear and see them for who they are, and what they say, from their perspective, separate from you.

And I can tell you, that is a life shifting experience, one that frees you up from what’s been holding you back. When you get out of your way, you can then truly experience being
with others.

About the Author

Zaina Della Porta helps high achievers maximize their potential, create self-awareness and possibilities, to take inspired and bold actions within a serene state of clarity, confidence and flow.

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