Freedom from your shit


Totally true story…

I had a crazy dream I want to tell you about.

But first some background…

One of my focus words for this year is Freedom.

When I say freedom, I don’t just mean personal freedom. As a Canadian, I already benefit from lots of personal freedoms and I am truly grateful for that. No, I mean FREEDOM in the truly all encompassing sense. Inner freedom, financial freedom, physical freedom…the whole shebang.

When I decide to focus on something, I like to read 10 books on it. I don’t know where I heard this (probably read it somewhere), but according to some expert out there in order to get a true perspective on a topic you need to read at least 10 books on it. So that is what I do.

I’ve started on my Freedom book list with book #1.

The first book I read was called The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. AWESOME BOOK!!! Totally recommend it.

Freedom quote

It is chock full of great ideas and thought provoking insights. I think I read it all in one day.

When I read, I like to underline, highlight, make notes and basically mess up my books. That way when I go back I can easily find the extra good parts.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book.

Life is continuously changing, and if you’re trying to control it, you’ll never be able to fully live it.”

Fear is the cause of every problem.”

That which is blocked and buried within you forms the root of fear.”

Keeping your stuff is keeping you trapped.”

Always let go as soon as you’re aware that you didn’t.”

Powerful stuff right?

I was reading this book right before bed one night and in the book he often refers to your “stuff” (being much more delicate than I). Well, in the international mastermind group that I belong to we are a tad more crude and call our stuff our shit. Yes, I said the S word.

We always tell and help each other to “heal that shit”, when something comes up that needs healing. Hey it’s our thing, just being honest here.

So every time I saw the word stuff in the book, mentally I was saying shit. In fact in one place, I actually highlighted a huge section and wrote shit in the margin. I kid you not.

I finish the book and go to sleep.

Ok now to my dream…

At some point I start dreaming. I am walking down some stairs into a basement. It is really dark and unfinished—the creepy horror movie type basement. I turn on a light. One of those light bulb on a string type lights. The room is totally empty except when I look closer, I see a huge pile of do do in one corner.

Yes, poo aka shit. It is nasty and there are flies all over

I take one look at it and say:

“There is no way I’m cleaning that up.”

I turn off the light and go back upstairs.

Fast forward, and I am back on the stairs but this time someone is with me. I have no idea who it is but they feel very peaceful and supportive.

I turn the light back on and there is the pile of shit still there in all it’s glory. Ugg. It is SO nasty. I just can’t do it.

But then, the person with me offers to help. I think that perhaps with help it won’t be so bad so I reluctantly agree. Together, we clean it up and the room brightens even more and the energy goes from horror movie to positive and loving. The end.

That dream stayed with me ALL the next day. I seriously could not make something like that up.

Holy cow…I have shit!! (yes we all do, even you, even me).

But even more than that, the dream told me that with support and help I can clean my shit up (aka heal it). That I am not in this alone. As a coach, I already know this (or thought I did) because I actually have 2 of my own coaches who help me immensely. But I’m guessing the universe needed to reaffirm that message to me so I could share it with you.

Bottom-line message for me was that for my path to more FREEDOM, I need support to heal my shit.

Which in my mind means I need to get more vulnerable and share more with my coaches so I can heal more.

Where is your shit hiding? Do you have the support you need to clean it up and heal it for good? A coach can help you with that ;).

P.S. Have you read the Untethered Soul or ever had a truly insightful dream? I’d love to hear your thoughts; please share in the comments below.

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