Be brave enough to be yourself

Be Yourself

If you were a vegetable, what veggie would you be?

Ok. I know that is a strange way to start a blog post. Or even a conversation. But that’s how I roll baby.

There is actually a story behind that question (believe it or not).

Many years ago, after my divorce when I was back on the dating scene, I tried my hand at online dating (oh yes, I did). I had a list of questions I would ask every potential date in advance before I agreed to meet him.  Or the odd time, I would ask a few of them in person.

Every question, though strange, was meant to give me a deeper understanding of who he was and what he valued, etc. I  was looking for that unique quality that each person has; a man who was brave enough to be himself.

The above question was always one of my favourites because the guy would either look at me like I was nuts or with pleasant surprise. Most times it was the ‘you must be nuts and I’m going to run far away‘ look, but that’s OK because I didn’t want someone like that anyway. I wanted the pleasantly surprised guy because I knew he had a sense of humour.

However, the majority of guys answered carrot.


Yes, it seems out of all the hundreds of types of vegetables out there most men can only think up carrot as an answer when asked. We can infer many meanings to that, but we won’t go there today.

I was always disappointed when I got the carrot answer. It meant to me that he lacked imagination and that sense of individuality I was looking for—and that he probably didn’t eat many veggies which I do.

I was looking for the hot peppers, the spaghetti squash, the broccoli, the bok choy…pretty much anything but plain old peas and carrots. Now some people want peas and carrots (I happen to love them too), and that is totally OK, I just wanted something a little spicier, a little more unusual.

You see, everyone has that thing about them that makes them unique. You do too. I don’t want to be the same as everyone else. Normal is boring. My kids call me weird and I take that as a compliment.

It is those little quirks that make each of us special and who we are. Embrace those things that make you unique.

Own it!

Be brave enough to be yourself!

I’m sure you are wondering my answer to the question.

asparagusIf I were a vegetable, I would be asparagus.  It takes a few years to get a harvest. It is deeply grounded in the earth and yet reaches for the sky. It is flexible and can bend in the storm. And, it goes great either on its own, or with a special sauce or other vegetables. Yep, that’s me.

How about you? If you were a vegetable what veggie would you be and why? I’d love to know. Give me your answer in the comments below.


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