Networking Has Its Benefits

Dan and Mark

Remember when you had to join numerous associations in your community?

It sure feels like a long ago that we used to do our networking face-to-face. Yep, those were the pre-Covid days!

Do you have fond memories of how much you enjoyed standing around with a room full of people you barely knew?

Or how about one of my favourite memory’s of the ‘joy’ of walking into a cold room to network and then trying to think of something to say. It couldn’t be a sales pitch
but your brief comments had to spark enough interest to have others want to call you back… or at least remember who you are and what you do.

Yes, times have changed. And they way we network and build affiliations and opportunities have too.

Below is video of Mark Johnson and myself (Dan Murray) that shows how being active members of The Canadian Coach has helped both of us in our businesses of helping others.

The Canadian Coach is a thriving community of coaches from across Canada. It’s getting bigger every month with an active network of coaches, of all types, across this great country.

Are you taking advantage of it?

Whether you are looking to build your business, develop your leadership skills, improve your health, or change your life, I am sure there is a coach right here in Canada who can help you achieve all your goals.

While I initially joined to gain exposure to market my Business Coaching and Advisory services (and this has happened), the main benefit for me has been the networking and resources within the membership.

Need someone to help a client with an area you are not able to help them with? No problem. Contact and make an arrangement with a fellow TCC Coach.

Stuck on an area of your business that is holding you back? No problem. Contact and make an arrangement with a fellow TCC Coach.

Need some support to encourage yourself to keep going? No problem. Contact and make an arrangement with a fellow TCC Coach.

Do you sense a theme here (smile)… as fellow TCC members, Mark and I felt it was important to encourage you to JOIN and build relationships within the TCC community.

If it can work for us… it can work for you.

Reach out to fellow members of The Canadian Coach that you think could help you, or you help them. I encourage you to do it because it works.

Click here to explore the many benefits of joining the Canadian Coach.

Mark Johnson and Dan Murray are proud members of The Canadian Coach.

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