Your Plans Will Change

Your Plans Will Change

Your plans will change over time… so be prepared to do so!

If you stop and think about planning, it is only natural for your original plans to evolve into different forms over time. Take advantage of the knowledge and insight you gain from changes that will help you improve your current plans. You will find that each step of the journey to reach your goals will unlock challenges and opportunities that you didn’t know before.

Being a Maritimer, I can best relate this to sailing. Every sailor knows they can’t change the direction the wind blows – but they can change their sails to better catch the wind and get them to their destination. Inevitably, those winds will change again and adjustments must be made to accommodate them.

Having a plan that is flexible in regards to what you’re trying to accomplish is critical when it comes to meeting your goals. You can’t get insight without knowledge and action. A transformation occurs in both you and your goals as you move along and powerful changes take place.

Stop fighting the course corrections you know you should make. Accept them for what they are and move on.

When you resist the evolving changes, you’re resisting the inevitable and won’t be able to harness the power that change can bring.

Like everything else in life, realize that not all changes are good for meeting your goals. Some even become obstacles that you must overcome… but even those changes are for the good because you learn as you go. Don’t be so fixated on the failure that you fail to see the benefits.

Stop and realize that transformations and changes that aren’t expected or planned for can become the best teachers in your life. Those curve balls that life throws your way will either serve to make you stronger and more determined to reach your goals – or stop you dead in your tracks.

Unless you’re flexible enough to adapt to the changes and keep focused on the ultimate goal, you’re destined to become stagnant. Everyone’s life journey’s comes with pitfalls and pinnacles. You must adapt and be willing to change your plans to fit the circumstances.

It’s doubtful than any person has ever achieved substantial success without facing challenges they didn’t plan on in the beginning. The difference is that successful people confront the challenges as they appear and learned how to use them for their benefit.

Resisting those inevitable changes is like a ship proceeding on the course it planned in the beginning with no regard to the turbulent weather bearing down on it. Doing so is foolish and can put your goals in jeopardy.

Just as it takes time to become a world-class athlete and lots of practice and overcoming challenges – it will take time for your plans to come to fruition. As time moves on, you’ll finally reach your goals, but not without changes along the way.

In my next article, I’ll discuss tips on how to execute your plan.

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