Questions that Shaped my Path

Questions that Shaped my Path

Have you ever been so focused on your business that you forgot about other important areas of your life?

Sometimes we entrepreneurs can become so intent on achieving business targets and viability that we neglect our personal lives and goals. Having been in this position many times, I now understand the importance of giving back to myself to reach my full professional and personal potential.

I believe that to have a successful business, you must first succeed as an individual. That means taking the time to understand what you want in life – the goals you want to achieve. Without dedicating time to this type of exploration, you can spend your whole life caught up in everyday work schedules instead of finding your true passion.

I was 14 when I started my first job, working in construction. A good friend of my parents owned his own construction company and he was kind enough to take me on. Over the years, I acquired construction skills and became passionate about my work. I knew I wanted to be self-employed and I eventually started my own renovation and construction company, which I have now owned for over a decade.

That business has been extremely successful, but in the early days, I rarely took time for myself. Eventually, I sensed that my health was being negatively affected and that the intensity of my business wasn’t sustainable in the long run. I was seeing a massage therapist and a chiropractor every week, just to manage all the physical stress I inflicted on my body. I was also sick more often throughout the year, likely the result of stress affecting my immune system.

One day, I finally asked myself some important questions:

Where am I in my life?

Does it make me happy?

What do I want to do with the rest of my career?

What goals do I want to achieve?

Where do I want to go from here?

The answers didn’t come easily at first, but the questions got me thinking in new ways. As time passed, I crafted clearer answers and was able to move closer to my ideal profession.

I still own my construction business, though I spend less time and energy on it as the years pass. I’ve now founded companies in the motivational speaking and coaching sector because that is where my true calling and passion live. My entrepreneurial construction days offered me a great learning curve, but after fully understanding and pursuing my path, I am happier than ever.

It’s never too early or late to ask yourself valuable, big-picture questions. When you take time to understand what it means to live your life from the inside-out instead of from the outside-in, life becomes brighter than you could ever imagine!

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Dave RichuckDave Urichuck is an international speaker, professional coach, and author. He helps you explore your goals, increase your self-confidence, and conquer obstacles so you can lead a fulfilling life. Dave creates customized packages for groups and individuals looking for life-changing adventures. He uses proven tools to help you deepen your self-understanding and create positive growth strategies. -