Even WonderWoman Needs Help

Even WonderWoman needs Helps

So this happened…

I was in Ottawa working and I got locked IN my hotel room.

Yes, I do know how to use a deadbolt and yes, I do know how to use a room key card. Yes, I tried it many many times.

I was INSIDE my room so the key card didn’t matter. However, the deadbolt to the door actually froze and would not unlock. I was stuck in my room on the 12 floor.

My first thought was,

Hey this is a really great room. I’ve got a super comfy bed. Two showers. A fridge and a microwave. I could totally just stay the day in bed, watching TV and surfing the internet and wait for some hot fireman to come to my rescue.

Two problems with that scenario.

1. I had no food and I was really hungry. I just couldn’t see myself lasting all day without some sort of sustenance. Yes, I wouldn’t waste away but still it was not an ideal situation.

2. I had to get to the client I was working with as I was expected.

So then the stage two crazy lady thoughts starting rushing into my brain.

HOW do I get out of this room now?

What if no one ever comes?

“What if I’m stuck here for days and by the time they break into the room all they’ll find is my shriveled dead body curled up on the bed?

While I was fully prepared to climb out of my room via a bathroom vent à la Escape Room tactics, it probably wasn’t necessary just yet.

I called the front desk.

After the girl stopped laughing at me and made sure that, yes, I did know how to use a deadbolt, she assured me she would send up a maintenance person to get me out.

A lovely man came to my rescue and proceeded to remove the entire locking mechanism from the door with his trusty drill. It really was a faulty lock.

Once I was free (Yippee!!), I hurried to the Starbucks in the hotel, grabbed the biggest latte I could get along with some breakfast and proceeded to go see my client.

How’s that for an early morning adventure?

Normally, I am a very self-sufficient woman. I can do lots of things on my own if need be. However, I do have a team I delegate things to and I know when I need help and am not afraid to ask for it.

Do you?

I wasn’t always that way.

Years ago, I would practically rather die than ask for help. If I had been locked in a hotel room back then, I probably would have worked all day trying to Macgyver the door before finally admitting defeat and calling for help.

It took a total health breakdown before I realized that…

Even Wonder Woman needs help at times. 

As a fellow Wonder Woman (Superman), I am sure you totally get this.

I started asking for help and guess what? Life got much easier, more fun and the people in my life felt much more appreciated for their skills and abilities.

I was more productive. I did the things I loved. I had WAY more free time. Things that used to take days took minutes. And if I didn’t know something I just asked someone to teach me (instead of learning the hard way).

I couldn’t believe how awesome it was. Why hadn’t I been doing this all along?!

It was like some crazy miracle secret. And all it took was asking.

Now I don’t wait and waste time. Now I ask right away. I think I was locked in that hotel room a total of 10 minutes (though it seemed like hours…).

You can do this too. Seriously, it will change your life. You DO NOT have to do everything yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t. You are denying other people the chance to use their gifts and shine if you constantly insist on doing it all yourself.

You do what you excel at and let others do for you what they are best at. End of story.

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