Reversing the Peanut Butter Cup

Got a challenge that needs solving? Try reversing the peanut butter cup.

I used to homeschool my youngest son (he’s now all grown up and graduated!).

As part of his lessons, he chose to learn more about food and cooking.

I was really fun for both of us and something we’ll always remember.

The cool thing was we could cover many school subjects with just one recipe: reading, math, science, health, etc.

But what I really loved was his creativity in the kitchen.

We started out with some super basic things, grilled cheese, cooking a frozen pizza, and bacon and eggs (every boy needs to know how to cook bacon after all).

But then he wanted to start experimenting and that’s where the fun began.

The challenge was “take two things you love to eat and see if there is a new way to combine them“.

I wanted him to look at the foods he already loved with new eyes.

And boy did we some cool recipes that for the most part he invented all by himself (no recipes): taco pizza, reverse peanut butter cup cookies, turkey meatball lasagna wraps, and tons more.

It was so interesting seeing him truly think about food in a new way and come up with completely new recipes.

What about you?

What things or situations are you currently experiencing that could use new eyes? Where could you reverse the peanut butter cup?

Sometimes we get so used to seeing things one way that we think that is the only way or the only solution to a problem. But that is never the case.

For example, there are many ways to eat a pizza.

Some people use a fork and knife, some people fold it up before biting in, and others start at one end or the other and work their way through their piece. It doesn’t matter how you eat your pizza, as long as you enjoy it and it gets to your stomach somehow.

There is no wrong way to eat your pizza.

The same goes for any challenge or situation in your life.

You don’t have to solve it like you always have or like anyone else has or how anyone expects you to.

Instead, bring new eyes.

Imagine this is the first time you have ever heard of this happening. How can you apply a solution that may have worked in another situation but with a new twist? What two unrelated things can you combine to make a new something? Try reversing the peanut butter cup (it will blow your mind by the way).

Regardless of whether it is food, a challenging situation or you are just bored with something, use your creativity and think about how you can approach it in a new and interesting way.

Have you ever created an interesting solution to a challenge or combined two unrelated things to make something new? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. Yes, I am a cool Mom. 🙂

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