Connecting vs Communicating


Connecting, now more than ever


True connection happens face to face, heart to heart, live and in person. Sharing the same physical space. Sharing an experience together.” ~Darren Hardy

Question: “What is the difference between communicating and connecting?”

We all communicate. But we don’t always connect – especially in these days of pandemic.

Connecting is harder than ever but NEEDED more than ever.

You probably constantly communicate most days with people you know: Facebook, Twitter, Zoom meetings, texting, YouTube, email, phone calls, etc. We live in a world of that includes an insane amount of transmitting and receiving information, but how often are we really connecting and fostering relationships?

Both communicating and connecting are important—but there is a big difference.

I think Darren Hardy said it best…

With the pace of business and life today, it’s so easy to fall victim to this way of thinking; we must move quickly and convey as much information as quickly as possible to stay competitive, or so we think. With all the opportunities technology provides—enabling us to work from just about anywhere and to expand our reach, quite literally, around the globe—it also has become a crutch in some ways.

In my opinion, communicating is about using your head—your voice, your body language, your hands to type, etc.—all that takes your brain, your head.

But true connecting comes from the heart. Connecting uses your emotions; it fosters deep and meaningful relationships—the ones you will always remember. The ones that make a difference in your world.

Sometimes when you deeply connect with someone, you can’t even explain why; it’s almost magical. This is especially true if you share an experience together. Think about the difference between having a meeting in person or over Zoom or the phone. Both get the information across, but there is something special about meeting in person. That is one reason I love going to and hosting live events—I get to connect with so many amazing people.

Hopefully, someday soon we can get back to meeting in person again.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of social media and all the amazing technology we use today to communicate (and it is possible to connect that way if the effort is made). But I also realize that the deepest connecting happens in person and from the heart.

Think about all the information you transmit and receive each day.

This past October, I spoke about networking and its benefits including powerful ways to connect with one another.

Are you just communicating or really connecting? Making that extra effort to connect will make all the difference in your life and theirs.

What do you do to truly connect with people?

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