Who Do You Serve?

Now that you have the foundation of your coaching business set up, it’s time to really dig deep and get this party started.

The next step is to figure out who you serve, what they want and what problems you can help solve.

You cannot serve everyone! You might be able to help many different types of people, but no one can help everyone.

Confused on the difference between target market and niche? Check out this post first.

Choosing a specific group of people to target does not mean you can’t help other people if they show up and want to work with you. What it means is that in all your marketing, you focus on attracting a specific type of client and that you speak their language.

Not sure who you should target? Don’t let this get you stuck or bogged down. Discuss it with your coach. Usually, most coaches start with a target market they identify with themselves. For example, you are a single mom with a successful business, so you want to help other single moms start a business. Or, you have 30 years experience as a successful CEO and now you want to help other CEOs with their leadership skills.

Try to think of a group of people with a problem that you yourself have overcome or have experience with. Start with that.

When thinking about your target market it’s important to get specific. You are going to describe your ideal client further along in your journey, but for now think about a group of people you want to serve and their basic demographics. Male, female or transgender? Single, married, divorced? Business owners or corporate managers? Leaders? WHO do you want to help?

Take a moment and write down everything you can think of about your target market – research them if you need to.

  • Gender?
  • Profession?
  • Age?
  • Where they live?
  • Number of children?
  • Education level?
  • Income level?

If you don’t have an offer, you have nothing to sell and therefore, no business. You can worry about how to sell your offer down the road, but for now it’s MEGA important to get super clear on who you serve and what you can offer.  The offer, also known as “what you are actually selling”, is ultimately how you will make money – so it’s important to have a good one.

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