It’s Time to Tell Everyone You are a COACH


Do you really truly OWN it and believe you are a COACH?

I don’t think I really need to tell you this, but you’d be AMAZED at the number of coaches who won’t tell people about their business. Maybe they are afraid to ‘bother’ people, that their friends and family won’t understand, that they’ll be criticized, that so and so might find out, and on and on. There is usually a ton of fear and self-doubt that goes into the mix.

You need to heal that fear asap.

Get this straight.


Again, that may seem silly and rather obvious but shockingly it’s an all too familiar story.

Here is a test.

Go right now to your FaceBook profile or LinkedIn (if you have it). Under your name does it say coach or something along those lines? Look at your Intro – does it say coach of some sort? Under your About, do you share with people that you are a coach? If I were to click on your profile to learn more about you, would I easily be able to tell from your intro that you have a coaching business?

If not, then it’s time to fix that.

It’s time to declare to the world that you are a coach and you have a coaching business. If you can’t declare it, you don’t have a business and you aren’t a coach. That may sound harsh but it’s true.

Believe me I’ve heard all the excuses. I don’t want my friend, parent, boss, cousin, uncle etc. knowing I’m a coach. I don’t use social media much so why does it matter? I’m still working full time at a job and only starting out coaching part time.

I don’t care what your excuse is…you need to declare it and own the fact you have decided to be a coach with a business.


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Heather WIlsonHeather E. Wilson is the founder and CEO of The Canadian Coach, a directory and membership platform designed to unite, support and promote Canadian coaches. She's a successful business coach, speaker, author (Your Life According to You!), warrior, change-maker, risk-taker, and adventurer all rolled into one dynamic package.