Target Market vs Niche – what’s the difference?

Before you can decide on exactly who you serve, you need to really understand the difference between niche vs target market.

Many people use these two terms interchangeably, but they are two different things.

Target market: Your target market is your ideal client – the person or group of people you serve. In other words, the group of people you TARGET with your marketing.

Niche: Your niche on the other hand is your area of specialty. It’s your service focus or HOW you help your target market.

For example, you could have a target market of single moms who want to start a business and your niche is business coaching for mompreneurs. Or you could have a target market of male CEOs that make 7 figures and your niche is helping people find lasting love.

For a clear explanation of target market vs niche watch this short video:

And then of course we have ideal client on top off all that.

Ideal Client: Your ideal client is a clear description of one person in your target market (also known as client avatar). Describing your ideal client includes their demographics, likes, dislikes, pains, problems, etc. It is a clear picture of the client you want to work with in an ideal world.

Ok, now that you know the difference between the terms, it’s time to decide your target market. 🙂

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