#1 Thing Not to do During an Enrollment Call

Every conversation you have with a potential client is all about serving the other person, whether they hire you or not.

The PURPOSE of the enrollment call, while yes it hopefully leads to a new client, is primarily to help the potential client gain CLARITY on their vision and challenges.

So since the entire point of the conversation is to help the person gain clarity, it’s imperative that you…

DO NOT COACH during an enrollment call.

This is the number one mistake new coaches make.

They want to show the potential client how great a coach they are. That is not the purpose of the call. Remember you are serving your potential client – the call is about helping them get clear on their challenges, not on fixing them on the spot (or trying to).

What do you do instead?

You use a proven script and process that leads the person to that clarity, especially when starting out.

Let’s look at 2 enrollment different models.

Meet and Greet Model

This is a more casual model. It’s great for market research, building relationships and has the bonus of potentially landing you a new client. I find this model is best if you are filling a masterclass or group program, but it can work for any offer.

Strategy Session or Discovery Call Model

This is the most common model. It involves have a scripted session with a potential client. Coaches call them strategy sessions, discovery calls, complementary sessions, free sessions – however you name it, it all comes down to having a CONVERSATION with a potential client. You help them get clear on their dreams and challenges and then make your offer. Again, you are NOT coaching – at least not in the traditional sense. People should get value from the call regardless, but you are not there to coach them on their challenges.

Even if someone doesn’t sign up with you, just getting deeper clarity is super valuable to them and you learn all about what sort of challenges people are having.

No matter how you get someone on the call or into the conversation, remember to use a proven script and that the call is about THEM not you.

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