How to Find Your First Client for Your Coaching Business


So you started a coaching business! Congratulations!!! Now what? You need a client.

Finding your first coaching client is no easy task.

It’s time to really get out there and make connections and build relationships – with PEOPLE

Yes, you actually have to talk to people – not everything can and should be done from your computer.

Don’t worry, you can never run out of potential clients. You only need to worry about how you  ATTRACT the right clientele for your coaching business.

You don’t want to just take everyone as your client either. Not everyone is a fit for you and you are not a fit for everyone. Even if you THINK you can help anyone, you cannot and should not even attempt it in a coaching business.

So how do you build credibility and find that first client when you are just starting out?

Own that Coach Title!

It’s time to declare to the world that you are a coach and you have a coaching business. If you can’t declare it, you don’t have a business and you aren’t a coach. That may sound harsh, but it’s true. Don’t be afraid to market yourself. Let people know that you have a coaching business because you never know who wants to be your client. How can you be a coach to your clients when you are not confident to declare that you are a coach to the world? Ensure all your social media clearly states you are a coach.

Get Clear!

What is your big result? What pain do you help solve? Who do you help? What is your area of focus? Clarity in who you serve and how you serve them are CRITICAL elements in a coaching business (any business really). Why? Because your marketing efforts will go much further when you know who you want to attract and the results you offer. You can create content that is relevant and intentional. You won’t have to back and change a bunch of things (like your website) if you are clear from the beginning.

Be Consistent!

Having consistent messaging enhances your online presence. It helps create your identity as a coach. When you create intentional content with clear messaging, you attract the right clients that match your services. You cannot serve someone whose needs don’t align with what you offer. Social media is a great way to build your digital presence because it gives your brand an ideal platform to share and communicate with your potential clients in a relaxed setting. 

Ask for Referrals!

Referral through word of mouth is the #1 method of getting that first client. Almost every coach starts out by first asking those they know if they can help by referring a friend or colleague. In most cases, your personal connections are more than happy to support you and your new coaching business. Even if they aren’t interested in your services for themselves, you don’t know who they know and they are often happy to spread the word. There is also a higher level of credibility if your former or current clients refer you to their family and friends. Remember: everyone you speak to is either a potential client or a referral partner.

Find a Mentor and a Community

This may seem like a no brainer but so many coaches don’t do it. They invest in STUFF – chasing the magic pill or shiny object in hopes of finding that ONE DIY trick that will get them clients and making consistent money instead of a solid community and coach mentor who can truly hold their hand and help them avoid all the pitfalls of having a coaching business. Today I challenge you to flip it – find a community that GETS you. Find a coach – whether me or someone else – to support you as you grow your coaching business first BEFORE you spend a ton more money and time on more stuff.

Surround yourself with a community of coaches who are there to support you and cheer you on – like on those days when you feel super frustrated and like you want to give up – having that community there for YOU is priceless in my opinion.

Go find a community like The Canadian Coach and a mentor who can truly help you with your coaching business. Someone who CARES that you thrive…they’ll help  you get that first client faster than anything you do on your own.

About the Author

Heather WIlsonHeather E. Wilson is the founder and CEO of The Canadian Coach, a directory and membership platform designed to unite, support and promote Canadian coaches. She's a successful business coach, speaker, author (Your Life According to You!), warrior, change-maker, risk-taker, and adventurer all rolled into one dynamic package.