Finding The Right Coach For You

types of coaches

There are as many types of coaches as there are problems to be had.

Finding the perfect coach for you can be a challenge all on its own.

Each coach has a different style and approach, and they are experts in the niche they choose. 

If you’re looking for a coach, one of the first things to understand is that there are different types of coaches and they all have a different focus.

Before you hire a coach, figure out what problem you most want help with or what you most want to change. Then, make sure to ask any potential coach you wish to hire about their focus and areas of specialty. 

Here are just a few of the common types of coaches you’ll encounter.

Life Coach

Do you feel like something is holding you back in life, but you just can’t pinpoint what it is? That’s where a life coach can help you. They can help you identify the obstacles that are holding you back, and come up with strategies to overcome each obstacle. Life coaches primarily help their clients to be better versions of themselves. They help you define your goals and develop a plan to turn them into a reality, recognize opportunities, and lead you to creating a happier and more fulfilling life. 

Career Coach

Career coaches help people who feel stuck in their jobs and are struggling to see the opportunities that lie ahead. They help their clients explore their talents, passions, values, interests and core beliefs so that they can guide them to a better career path. Career coaches are experts when it comes to resume building and interviewing, so you will be prepared to make that professional shift in your life. 

Relationship Coach

If you are someone who is looking to build a happier and healthier relationship with your significant other, family members, or your workplace, a relationship coach is the right one for you. They can help couples find ways to overcome their challenges and heal their relationship for the long term. A relationship coach can help you improve your communication skills, strengthen your conflict resolution skills, and set clearer and healthier relationship boundaries.  FYI: Parenting coaches are also often in this category – to help you with your relationships with your children.

Fitness/Wellness Coach

If you need the motivation to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, a fitness or wellness coach is the one for you. They are focused on improving your wellbeing by helping you thrive physically. Fitness coaches guide and support their clients to develop healthier habits. They help you set realistic goals, holistically manage unhealthy habits, and push you to improve yourself not only physically but also your self-esteem. 

Business/Executive Coach

Whether you are a small business owner or a CEO of a large company, having a business coach comes in handy. It’s challenging to own a business, and there is a lot of responsibility to carry on your own. They’ll make sure that you are on track and focused on your goals. They’ll help you formulate a strategy to overcome obstacles, maximize your growth potential, and build a profitable and efficient business. 

Find what you need? We have an amazing community of coaches with different specializations. To get started, simply go to our directory and enter your specifications into our searchable database. 

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