Coffee with Coaches Special Call March 20 2020


Friday March 20, 2020 many of us got together for our regularly scheduled Coffee With Coaches call. This is a call that happens for our TCC community members twice a month. We get together regularly to give and receive support/coaching, catch up, have a laugh, and truly come together as a community. Normally, we do […]

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Thank You


It’s Thanksgiving in Canada while I write this (Monday). Actually, I am writing in between basting the turkey in the oven and setting the table for my family who are due to arrive shortly. I just LOVE the smell of the house as the turkey cooks…it reminds me of all the previous Thanksgiving and Christmas […]

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It’s never too late to start…

It's never too late to start

Think it’s too late to go after your dreams? Think that life has passed you by and that this is your lot in life? Think that you’re too old to start fresh? Think again. Today, I want to share with you a story. A story about a man who lived on the streets for most […]

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What’s your theme song?


I don’t do resolutions. I’m not into a wish or goal made on a whim at midnight that I’ll more than likely (according to statistics) not do or stick to for very long. I do, however, create plans, goals and intentions. And one thing that I have done for many many years, and rather enjoy, […]

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Episode 7: Dan Murray and TCC

Dan Murray

In this episode, Dan Murray hosts and we chat about the benefits of being a member of The Canadian Coach (TCC). Things such as: Increased credibility and visibility… Access to a community of coaches across the country… Monthly training and group connection… Ability to share your expertise in our resource centre… Corporate discounts with our […]

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Episode 6: Canadian Slang

Canada Day

This week on The Canadian Coach, we chat about a few different Canadian slang terms. Or more precisely, words that are unique to Canada (for the most part). If you’ve ever wondered what a tuque is used for or what the heck is poutine, then this is the episode for you. Want to know more […]

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Episode 5: Casual Q & A

Casual Q & A

It’s casual Q & A! Yes, today we are in my living room in our comfy clothes giving A’s to your Q’s. On this short episode, I answer two questions that I often get asked. Why do I need a coach? As a coach, why would I want to be a member of The Canadian […]

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Episode 4: Maple Butter Tarts

Maple Butter Tarts

Welcome to my kitchen! On this episode, I share my personal recipe for Maple Butter Tarts, a truly Canadian dessert. We also define coaching and compare it to other similar activities. Are you pro raisin or against them in your butter tarts? Personally, I’m not a fan of raisins, but to each their own. The […]

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Episode 2: Let’s talk about maple syrup

Maple Syrup

The next video on The Canadian Coach YouTube channel is now live! Check out our fun video where we talk all about Canadian maple syrup – the nectar of the gods. Learn all about this truly Canadian product and see my kitchen too. 🙂 P.S. Be sure to share this video and subscribe to our […]

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The Canadian Coach YouTube Channel

The Canadian Coach Youtube Channel

We’ve started a Youtube channel! Yippee! And it’s going to be SO much fun. The Canadian Coach is focused on uniting, supporting and promoting Canadian coaches and our new YouTube channel is going to help with that. On it, we are going to travel across Canada and feature Canadian coaches. We’ll also share facts, people, […]

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