Being weird…it’s ok.


I fully admit I’m a tad on the ‘weird’ side. I have quirks and a sense of humour that some people love and others not so much. Being in the public eye means I open myself up to all sorts of comments on a regular basis (in fact I’ll know I’ve hit major success when […]

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3 Tips for Getting Moving When You’d Rather be Doing Nothing

Doing Nothing

Have you ever had something you kinda sorta had to do but at that exact moment you really didn’t feel like doing anything? Believe it or not, that does happen to me too — especially in winter when the days are dark and cold and the very thought of leaving the house makes me shiver. […]

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Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year 2021

You know I couldn’t let the day go by without sharing a cool video. Here is an AWESOME song to get you started on your evenings festivities or to watch first thing tomorrow morning, or both. I love these guys – A Great Big World singing This is the New Year. If you’ve never heard […]

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Why Do We Fall?

Why do we fall

Why do you fall? Why do you give up on doing the things that move you closer to your dreams? I have a video this week that will pump up your motivation. If you find that lately you’ve been slacking on your dreams, this video should help. It should also help you start (if you […]

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Don’t Quit on Yourself

Don't Quit

This year has been really challenging for most people. Don’t quit. I get it. You’re mentally and probably physically exhausted. If I hear the words pivot and innovate one more time I might scream too. Don’t quit. You’ve been bombarded with mixed messages, do’s and don’ts, new rules, and the underlying stress and anxiety that […]

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Why is Change so Hard?


Change is hard. Just look at how over 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned within a week. How many times have you bought a gym membership or joined a class only to stop going after a few weeks? If change were easy, we’d all be wealthy, fit, and happy. It’s frustrating when you know […]

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Self-Coaching: Can It Work?


Is it possible to self-coach? You read stories every day about someone with absolutely no experience learns how to build a complete house – structure, plumbing, electrical, everything – using only YouTube tutorials. Or a rank amateur learns how to strip a 1952 car engine and rebuild it using what they learned from a car […]

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Quiet Desperation – This Video Will Change Your Life

Quiet Desperation

Are you living a life of quiet desperation or maybe it isn’t so quiet? Are you living life on your terms or did it just sort of ‘happen’ that way? Is this the life you want? I know that right now we are living in very uncertain times. There is SO much anxiety out there, […]

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Creating your Sacred Space

Sacred Space

Have things been rather crazy in your life lately? Super busy? Feeling a bit (or a lot) frazzled and even overwhelmed? I know that for me that is definitely true. It’s a bizarre time in history for sure. But also, I’m running two businesses, my client list is at an all-time high, I’ve been working […]

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Take Charge of Your Schedule


Life/Work balance. Is there such a thing? Where does this elusive  animal actually live? Over the years, I have been asked by both women and men how to create a balance between work, family responsibilities, and personal time. Women in particular often struggle with this issue – particularly women with children. If you work outside […]

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