Can one thought change your life?

Heather E Wilson Your Life According to You

I am often asked how I got started in coaching and how I personally transformed my own life from being a frumpy, depressed, stay-at-home mom to an international speaker, successful business coach and retreat facilitator who travels the world to exotic locations. It’s a long story but I’ll try to keep it as brief as […]

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Don’t let fear of success stop you

Fear of Success

Sometimes it isn’t failure that we fear most but rather success. Does it scare you to think about getting out there in a big way? If you picture yourself splashed across the news and various media platforms, does it create anxiety? Make you feel really vulnerable? If so, you are not alone. Many of us […]

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Stop and smell the flowers


I have two huge lilac trees in my yard. In fact, they are one reason I bought my house originally. I love love love the smell of lilacs. One tree is right outside my bedroom window so I get to wake up to the lovely smell. I’ve also pick bunches, mix them with a few […]

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Living your passion one step at a time


Just because you exist does not mean that you are living. If you wake up each day with a groan and a sigh for another work day and drag yourself out of bed; if you eat, work, sleep, and run errands in between; if you never take time for fun or yourself; if you are […]

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All work and no play…

Are you hurrying through life all work and no play? Can you say for certain that at the end of your life, you will have enjoyed the moments you’ve lived, or were you too busy racing to that imaginary finish line? Are you so busy working and building your business that you find it really […]

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Questions to Ask when Considering a New Job

job search

Recognizing the right time to consider a new job or career change is an important step in everyone’s professional development. Ask yourself … do you still enjoy getting up in the morning and going to work? How long have you been with your existing employer? Will it look like you are job-hopping?  Lastly, should you […]

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How Every Professional Can Avoid Burnout…Part 2

avoid burnout

Last week, we defined burnout and its stages. This week let’s look at how you can avoid burnout. Perhaps you think that working harder and ignoring your own needs makes you more productive. It may in the very short term, but in the long term it actually makes you LESS productive and you risk not […]

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There is Never Going To Be a Perfect Time

no perfect time

Too often, we wait for the perfect time to start losing weight, build a business, save money, or hire a Coach or Mentor. Time is constantly passing, and there’s no time to wait! You can start working out today! You don’t need to wait for Monday, or the first of the month, or the first […]

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What Every Professional Should Know About Burnout…Part 1

As a professional and entrepreneur, I previously thought I could work on more projects simultaneously than is humanly possible, maintain a happy home life, and thought I could do it all and still maintain my sanity and health. I was wrong. I’ve learned that burnout is very real, very scary and very likely for most […]

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Give Yourself Some Credit

Climbing Bear Syndrome

Do you celebrate your successes? Big, small or otherwise? Do you even FEEL successful in your life? One reason you may not feel all that successful is because you probably rarely give yourself credit for all the amazing things you do on a daily basis (yes, you are amazing!). If by some chance you slip […]

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