Why Hire a Coach?


Coaching, in its modern format, has been around since the late 1990’s. People still think of it as something new, but in reality, Coaching has been around for millennia. There has never been a period in human history where Coaches did not exist. Sure, it might have looked a little different, but Coaching is as […]

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Why is Change so Hard?


Change is hard. Just look at how over 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned within a week. How many times have you bought a gym membership or joined a class only to stop going after a few weeks? If change were easy, we’d all be wealthy, fit, and happy. It’s frustrating when you know […]

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Self-Coaching: Can It Work?


Is it possible to self-coach? You read stories every day about someone with absolutely no experience learns how to build a complete house – structure, plumbing, electrical, everything – using only YouTube tutorials. Or a rank amateur learns how to strip a 1952 car engine and rebuild it using what they learned from a car […]

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Micro-Famous: How to Become Well-Known in Your Niche


What is being micro-famous? It’s not necessary for the whole world to know who you are to be highly successful. You only need the right people to know who you are. For example, if you’re a real estate broker, you want the people in your area to know who you are. If you own a […]

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A Crucial Guide for Coaches About Coaching

Guide for Coaches about Coaching

How does coaching really work? If you asked 100 different coaches that question, you would get 100 different answers! Why is the question so subjective? Because it’s all about YOU – your perception, abilities, skills, life experience, and your application of the basic principles of coaching. Then, of course, you must also factor in the […]

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Take Charge of Your Schedule


Life/Work balance. Is there such a thing? Where does this elusive  animal actually live? Over the years, I have been asked by both women and men how to create a balance between work, family responsibilities, and personal time. Women in particular often struggle with this issue – particularly women with children. If you work outside […]

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Take Action Today

Take Action

Do you take action daily towards your goals and dreams? Or do you spend all of your free time reading and gathering information? Are you a self-help junkie that never seems to make any meaningful progress in your life? Are you trying to take your life to the next level by using the power of […]

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Networking Has Its Benefits

Dan and Mark

Remember when you had to join numerous associations in your community? It sure feels like a long ago that we used to do our networking face-to-face. Yep, those were the pre-Covid days! Do you have fond memories of how much you enjoyed standing around with a room full of people you barely knew? Or how […]

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How to Develop the Positivity of a Coach

How to Develop the Positivity of a Coach

Positive living can sometimes seem like a stretch, right? With everything that’s going on in your life, it’s easy to get dejected. Believe me. I’ve been there too. But you can actually get beyond that and convert your frustrations into positivity. For the most part, coaches are great examples for positivity. They seem like godsends […]

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Is a Life Coach the Right Choice for You?

Hire life coach

Life coaching is a relatively new phenomenon. The purpose of a life coach is to help you create a life that fulfills you. Many people rave about the benefits, saying that their life coaches changed their lives for the better. If you’re thinking about hiring a life coach, consider these benefits: You can finally decide […]

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