Why you need a Business Coach for your Business

Do you have a business or are launching a business soon? Hiring a business coach is one of the best investments you make for yourself and your company.  Why do you need a business coach for your business? Having a business is stressful. Even if you aren’t doing everything yourself (which many new business owners […]

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When Opportunity Knocks Will You Recognize It?


You’ve probably heard the term Opportunity Knocks. This is a compelling statement because it implies that opportunities will show up at your door, knock, and you will graciously let them in. I suppose for a few people life might throw itself in your face in this regard, however, for the majority of the population this […]

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Grow your Online Coaching Business Organically


We live in a digital world, and today’s audiences are active online where content and information are readily accessible.  When marketing your coaching business, potential clients look for the one who will give them a genuine connection and whose mission and vision align with theirs.  It doesn’t matter how amazing you are with your coaching […]

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How to Deal with Burnout due to Working at Home


Have you been feeling unusually exhausted and overwhelmed these past few months? Do you feel like you’ve lost the motivation and the passion to do the things you love? You are probably feeling burnout. And you know what? You are not alone in this situation.  With what’s happening around the world, everyone’s life has changed. […]

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How to Prioritize When Everything Is Important

To do List

There’s never enough time to do everything you want to do. When everything on your to-do list feels like it’s of crucial importance, it’s time to use one or more prioritization techniques to make your to-do list more manageable and conquerable. What is a Prioritization Technique? You have 300 tasks on your to-do list. Which […]

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Focus on Systems Instead of Goals


Systems can make or break your coaching business. You might understand the power of setting a goal, but that’s just the beginning. A goal is where you want to end up, but it doesn’t tell you how to get there. Creating systems that move you toward your goals is the real path to success. For […]

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Why Hire a Coach?


Coaching, in its modern format, has been around since the late 1990’s. People still think of it as something new, but in reality, Coaching has been around for millennia. There has never been a period in human history where Coaches did not exist. Sure, it might have looked a little different, but Coaching is as […]

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Micro-Famous: How to Become Well-Known in Your Niche


What is being micro-famous? It’s not necessary for the whole world to know who you are to be highly successful. You only need the right people to know who you are. For example, if you’re a real estate broker, you want the people in your area to know who you are. If you own a […]

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A Crucial Guide for Coaches About Coaching

Guide for Coaches about Coaching

How does coaching really work? If you asked 100 different coaches that question, you would get 100 different answers! Why is the question so subjective? Because it’s all about YOU – your perception, abilities, skills, life experience, and your application of the basic principles of coaching. Then, of course, you must also factor in the […]

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How to Find your Ideal Coach

There are as many ways to find your ideal coach as there are coaches. Don’t be afraid to take your time. It’s a process. Ultimately, it’s important that you find a coach that fits you NOW. It can take a bit of research, but it is well worth your time. You could… Ask your friends […]

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