Being weird…it’s ok.


I fully admit I’m a tad on the ‘weird’ side. I have quirks and a sense of humour that some people love and others not so much. Being in the public eye means I open myself up to all sorts of comments on a regular basis (in fact I’ll know I’ve hit major success when […]

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Focus on Systems Instead of Goals


Systems can make or break your coaching business. You might understand the power of setting a goal, but that’s just the beginning. A goal is where you want to end up, but it doesn’t tell you how to get there. Creating systems that move you toward your goals is the real path to success. For […]

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Why Hire a Coach?


Coaching, in its modern format, has been around since the late 1990’s. People still think of it as something new, but in reality, Coaching has been around for millennia. There has never been a period in human history where Coaches did not exist. Sure, it might have looked a little different, but Coaching is as […]

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3 Tips for Getting Moving When You’d Rather be Doing Nothing

Doing Nothing

Have you ever had something you kinda sorta had to do but at that exact moment you really didn’t feel like doing anything? Believe it or not, that does happen to me too — especially in winter when the days are dark and cold and the very thought of leaving the house makes me shiver. […]

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