What to Expect from a Coaching Relationship

Coaching Relationship

There are many different coaching styles and just as many opinions as to which one is best. Ultimately, it’s what YOU need that is important and finding a coach that can help you get the results you are looking for. Here is a list of some of the awesomeness you can expect from a coaching […]

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How to Reverse a Negative “What If”

What if

Imagine yourself in the deepest, darkest jungle with dripping vine covered trees towering above your head. The sun can’t even break through the tangled mess. You are on a flimsy wooden swinging bridge suspended only a few feet above the murky waters. What if below you can see hungry alligators and large snakes swimming around […]

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In Canada

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! Whether you are Canadian or come from away and want to know more about us, here is a fun (and polite) video to celebrate the day by Commander Chris Hadfield and his brother Dave Hadfield. Give it a watch…eh! […]

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