5 Life Lessons from Halloween…for adults


This week is Halloween. Yippee!!! Very soon, thousands of children dressed up in a variety of awesome costumes will be running around door-to-door asking for treats—and getting them. It is a time of year I have always loved, not just for the candy when I was a child but for the dressing up and being […]

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Thank You


It’s Thanksgiving in Canada while I write this (Monday). Actually, I am writing in between basting the turkey in the oven and setting the table for my family who are due to arrive shortly. I just LOVE the smell of the house as the turkey cooks…it reminds me of all the previous Thanksgiving and Christmas […]

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It’s time to embrace change…


Are you afraid to change? Are you nervous of all the changes going on in your life and the world today? It’s true; change is scary. It’s the unknown. But change is also inevitable. Are you the exact same person as you were 10 or 20 years ago? Imagine if one day a higher power […]

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