You were born to succeed


I often teach that you are born with all you need to succeed. That you are more than enough. That you would not be given these dreams and goals unless you had the ability to achieve them. And you are. Today I have a video that will inspire you to get into action. No worries, […]

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No one can make you feel…

make you feel

Has anyone ever told you (or maybe you told someone) that it’s their job to “make you happy” or that you do in fact “make them happy“? Or has anyone ever “made you angry or cry” or someone told you that what you did or said “made them angry“? It happens all the time. We […]

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Do you suffer from self-improvement burnout?

self-help burnout

Have you ever thought or felt that there is just too much self-improvement stuff out there? Are you just plain tired and burned out from all the self-improvement newsletters, emails, videos, webinars, teleseminars, masterclasses, etc. ? Are you exhausted from all the noise that is just bombarding you every day? And to top it all […]

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