Episode 7: Dan Murray and TCC

Dan Murray

In this episode, Dan Murray hosts and we chat about the benefits of being a member of The Canadian Coach (TCC). Things such as: Increased credibility and visibility… Access to a community of coaches across the country… Monthly training and group connection… Ability to share your expertise in our resource centre… Corporate discounts with our […]

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Give Yourself Some Credit

Climbing Bear Syndrome

Do you celebrate your successes? Big, small or otherwise? Do you even FEEL successful in your life? One reason you may not feel all that successful is because you probably rarely give yourself credit for all the amazing things you do on a daily basis (yes, you are amazing!). If by some chance you slip […]

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Episode 6: Canadian Slang

Canada Day

This week on The Canadian Coach, we chat about a few different Canadian slang terms. Or more precisely, words that are unique to Canada (for the most part). If you’ve ever wondered what a tuque is used for or what the heck is poutine, then this is the episode for you. Want to know more […]

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Stop making excuses. Create your reality.


As a coach and speaker, I speak to a lot of people—on a daily basis. And, one thing I hear a lot are excuses for why their life is not where they want it to be. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough confidence. No idea how. No one supportive. Etc. Sure you could […]

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Episode 5: Casual Q & A

Casual Q & A

It’s casual Q & A! Yes, today we are in my living room in our comfy clothes giving A’s to your Q’s. On this short episode, I answer two questions that I often get asked. Why do I need a coach? As a coach, why would I want to be a member of The Canadian […]

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