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Hey Canadian Coaches, I have an important question for you:

Is It Really Possible To Have a Successful, Thriving Coaching Business Without Resorting To Loud Sales Tactics Or Needing To “Invest” In Every American Guru’s Shiny New Training, System or Seminar?

If you’ve been trying to expand your network, position yourself as an expert, increase your visibility and grow your coaching business, then this letter will help you to finally make it happen…

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Dear Coach,

My name is Heather E. Wilson, and I’m the founder and CEO of “The Canadian Coach”.

After more than 10 years running a successful coaching business, other coaches were regularly reaching out to me for support, some even begging me to help them.

I resisted for years, always referring them elsewhere. I feared becoming the cliché: a “coach who coaches coaches.”

But I knew I couldn’t say no forever. And I knew I had valuable experience building my own coaching business that I could leverage to help these coaches.

I could help them avoid all the pitfalls and traps I’d learned to crawl my way out of over the years.

And honestly, I was just plain tired of seeing Canadian coaches struggle to build thriving coaching businesses.

If you’ve tried getting clients consistently, standing out above all the noise, overcoming all the tech challenges and all the headaches that business can bring, then you know how draining it can be.

In fact, here’s the #1 problem I’m seeing right now in our industry:

Many Coaches Get Stuck, Grow Frustrated, and Eventually Give Up Coaching Altogether

Or, they stick with it but muddle along year after year, eeking out a living and barely getting by.

These are fantastic coaches too, who are committed to helping people achieve real results.

But being a coach is not as simple as just doing the coaching.

Clients stubbornly refuse to line up outside our doors, no matter how much we want to help them.

We fight complicated technology that always seems to break at exactly the wrong time.

The government remains a stickler about us paying taxes, which (as much as we might wish otherwise) don’t pay themselves.

And no matter how many coaching certifications we get, the phone just won’t ring.

Many times it’s not the quality of service that pushes Canadian coaches out of the industry…

Ultimately, it’s all the overwhelm that comes from the “business” side of things that causes so many coaches to call it quits.

And I completely understand why so many coaches fall victim to this.

So many coaches never find answers to their most important questions, like…

  • “Is there an easier way to market my business?“
  • “There are so many ways to get the word out. How do I know which ones aren’t wasting my time?
  • “Why can’t I get any traction in my business?“
  • “People seem to want my coaching, but then never sign up. How do I make sure I’m talking to people who are ready to get coached?“
  • “Should I hire a VA? If so, when? And how?“
  • “How do I increase my visibility and get people to see my stuff?“
  • “I have clients already. But now how do I scale up?“
  • “Where can I get help with all this?“

And in a country of over 36 million people spread across 5,514 km, it’s hard to know where to turn for support.

Many times, Canadian coaches are forced to fly into the US just to have access to the latest information or even just to meet other coaches face-to-face!

But it’s expensive. And takes so much time. We have to sacrifice an entire week or more just to attend a 3-day live event.

Not to mention, our styles tend to be a bit different…

And so most of the time we hunker down, keep to ourselves, and try to figure it all out on our own.

After all, as the Americans like to say, just “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” (whatever that means)…

But I see this type of attitude in so many Canadian coaches. And it blocks them from making progress.

Even in a country so full of caring, loyal people, many coaches don’t ever get the help they desperately need.

And instead of building a thriving coaching business, many coaches end up just spinning their wheels.

Because here’s a tough truth:

Coaching Can Be A Lonely Profession. And If We Stay Isolated, We Miss Out On Connecting With The People, Resources & Opportunities That Could Have Helped Us

Not-so-fun fact: Loneliness is an actual epidemic. According to CTV News, loneliness can increase the risk of premature death by 14%.1

Now, I hope you’re surrounded by wonderful friends and family.

The problem is, and tell me if this is also true for you: almost no one in our family or friend circles actually understands what we do for a living.

Who can we talk to about our business who actually understands?

Sure, your uncle might have read an” interesting article” recently with a fun tip about small business ownership…

But who can you talk with about your day-to-day reality as a coach?

Who can you turn to for advice who understands what it’s like to do what you do?

The fact is, we tend to be separated from the things that will help us the most.

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It Doesn’t Help That We’re Constantly Bombarded With So Much Stuff, It’s Hard To Know What We Should Actually Do

It’s estimated that over 2 million blog posts are published every. single. day.

We wake up and we’re hit with an avalanche of bright shiny objects.

There’s so much out there promising to “blow up” our sales or “explode” our profits (some people watch too many action movies…)

We are overloaded with information. Most of which is free and right at our fingertips.

Except, it’s not actually free.

In search of a solution to our latest problem, we spend hours and hours of our precious time just trying to find an answer that will work for our specific business.

Like puzzle pieces that never quite seem to fit together.

We spend each day neck-deep in a sea of offers, special discounts and “one time only” sales just trying to find the golden nugget of info that will help us move forward.

Our inbox screams at us…

Go live on Facebook! Post stories on Instagram! Don’t forget about LinkedIn!

Now do all of the above! All at once!

And then still somehow carve out time to spend with our family and friends (or even that book we’ve been meaning to read or write…)

If we stare into the information abyss long enough, we come away believing we need 100 hours set aside each day just to have a successful business.

We can end up feeling like we don’t know enough yet. That we’re not quite “good enough”…

And Even Worse, The Growing Integrity Problem In The Industry Means Many Coaches Are Getting Burned Just For Buying In

Now, there are plenty of really great, well-intentioned people who go to great lengths to support their customers and clients.

But the “bad apples” out there manage to make a lot of noise, and some coaches get drawn in by their siren call.

These “gurus” shout over the people who provide real value, filling the air with fluff and big, empty promises.

The kind of promises engineered to separate coaches from giant chunks of their bank accounts, with little to show for it.

And I’ve personally seen the frustration, even the anguish, felt by coaches left disillusioned with the whole thing.

It’s painful to listen as they describe being promised the world… yet after investing so much time and money, end up right back right where they started.

And I hope you haven’t experienced this personally… But if you have, I’m sorry.

Despite all the misinformation out there, there is no “1 simple script” to give you what you want.

Because as much as I wish I could tell you that there was some silver bullet, some secret formula to transport you exactly to where you want to be “in just the next 3 days”…

From one Canadian to another, I have to be honest with you…

Contrary To What Some Might Say, There Are NO Magic Pills For Success

And I would never try to convince you otherwise.

You probably know that already, but with all the rah-rah stuff out there, I want to make sure we’re on the same page.

No, it’s not “inevitable” that you’ll become a six figure coach in 90 days if you’re starting from zero.

There are a growing number of people out there who overpromise and underdeliver.

I believe Canadian coaches deserve better than that.

And so here’s what I can promise you:

Building a Thriving Coaching Business Does NOT Have To Be Shrouded In Mystery, Its Secrets Locked Behind Some Vault Only $10,000+ (American) Dollars Will Open

Because here’s a simple truth:

Coaching is a business.

And business has been happening in various forms for thousands of years.

Sure, there are certain things that make coaching unique as an industry and a profession.

But ultimately, it’s about providing a result in exchange for money, just like everything else.

Which may not sound very special or exciting, but it actually is.

Because it means everything you need to know about growing your coaching business has already been tried and tested.

Which means you can achieve it.

But, there’s one caveat:

With thousands of years of collected knowledge, it’s not about knowing all there is to know about business…

It’s about knowing the right thing, at the right time, that will get you unstuck and get you to the next stage of your business.

And the best way to get that “right time” knowledge is through an expert network of professionals.

Yes! I Want To Join Now

With The Right Support, Hand-Delivered Expert Knowledge, And An Incredibly Open & Supportive Community of Professionals, You’d Be Surprised How Fast You Can Get Where You Want To Go

There are two paths you can take to move forward:

  1. Spend hours digging through the internet, trying to find something through Google or Facebook about your specific issue and how to solve it
  2. Just ask someone who’s already been there, who tried 12 different things, and who knows which one will actually work.

I’m guessing you want to go with option B.

But unless you’ve already spent years building up your own “rolodex” of people, it can be tough to find a group of experts you can rely on.

Fortunately, when I launched The Canadian Coach, we were blessed to have some really amazing people join. And, it’s only gotten better as the community has expanded.

Here are just a few of the professional coaches you'll meet inside the community:

  • Iman Aghay, founder & CEO of Success Road Academy, helps coaches, consultants, authors and speakers build profitable online courses from scratch in over 100 niche markets
  • Diana Lidstone, a business coach with 30+ years of business experience, helps coaches & other experts strategize, package & promote their gifts to attract a consistent flow of high-revenue clients (& cash)
  • Dave Urichuck, a transformation and adventure coach, uses life-changing adventures to help clients explore their goals, increase their self-confidence, and conquer obstacles so they can lead fulfilling lives
  • Jan Atkinson, an intuitive coach and human resources consultant with over 20 years of experience, helps leaders and teams change from good to great, resulting in increased engagement and productivity
  • Lynda Goldman, author of 44 books, helps wellness providers, healers and helpers to write and publish a wellness book that heals more people, builds their practice and leaves a legacy
  • Al Ruttan, a John Maxwell Team executive director, coach, teacher and speaker with over 25 years experience, works with businesses to raise their level of productivity and guides people reach their full potential

And these coaches have businesses of all sizes. Some are working towards scaling their businesses and hiring team members, while others have been content to enjoy solo businesses for years.

So whether you want to stay small and lean (but profitable) or want to build a 6 or 7-figure coaching business, there are coaches who’ve been there, done that and who are thrilled to reach out a hand and help you get there.

When I was coming up as a coach and learning blindly through trial and error, a community like this didn’t exist.

There wasn’t a centralized place where I could go and get all my questions answered.

There wasn’t a “one stop shop” to get everything I needed for my business.

And there definitely wasn’t a place for Canadian coaches to feel at home, to connect and to share resources, and just not feel so alone anymore.

That’s Why I Created The Canadian Coach - To Finally Give Canadians A Home Specifically Designed For Us, By Us

I’m on a mission to unite, support, and promote Canadian coaches.

The coaching industry in Canada is growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

And that’s a very exciting place to be.

But Be Warned: Putting Something Like This Together On Your Own Can Be Costly, Time Consuming, and Just Plain HARD!

As a country, we are very spread out. Planning some meetings can require accommodating 4 or more different time zones.

Adding to the difficulty, Canadian coaches tend to be humble and avoid tooting their own horn. While I love this about us, it makes it extra hard to find coaches without doing a lot of searching.

Plus, a lot of companies put almost all their effort into marketing to Americans… (though I’m working to change that).

All this to say, I don’t recommend you start from scratch. Instead…

Join Our Community And Get Access To A Suite Of Resources And A Welcoming Group of Big-Hearted Canadian Coaches Who Are Growing Our Businesses Together

In fact, here are 4 ways you can take advantage of this opportunity to get massive value in just a few short days:

1. Complete The Canadian Coach Business Academy Course

This one-of-kind self-study course shows you how to start and grow a coaching business in Canada. It's filled with practical tips and checklists for your coaching business from A to Z.

2. Attend A Hot Seat Coaching Call

Get expert ears listening in and giving laser focused feedback on your biggest business problem. All you need to do is bring your issue, and our community of coaches can help you get it solved.

3. Watch The Expert Training Replays

We have an ever-growing library of trainings hosted by our community members. Struggling with social media marketing? We have a training on that. Thinking about publishing a book? There’s a training to help leverage your book to grow your business.

4. Get Listed In Our Coach Directory

Increase your visibility quickly by publishing your profile in our directory. Visitors to The Canadian Coach website are able to search for and find community members by Province, City, and Type of Coach.

And as I’ll explain a little later, I even have a special opportunity for you to get your profile created FOR you, so you can know it’s taken care of.

Here’s why I’m so confident about this…

Yes! I Want to Become a Member Now

I’m Personally Bringing My 10+ Years of Successful Coaching Experience and My 100% All-In Laser Focused Commitment To Help YOU Succeed As A Coach

I’m serious. This is it for me. This is what I’m meant to do. It’s my purpose and my passion to make The Canadian Coach the must-have resource, one-stop shop for ALL Canadian Coaches, regardless of how long you’ve been coaching.

No matter where you are on your coaching journey, you can find what you need inside.

I am personally committed to your success. If we don’t have it, I will help you find it.

Here Are Some Nice Things Community Members Have Been Saying About The Canadian Coach:

"Being a member of TCC has exceeded my expectations"

Dan Murray, Your Restoration Coach

“I was looking for a group to join and network with. The fact that TCC is focused on Canadian coaches was a real plus to me. Being a member of TCC has exceeded my expectations because of the training, exposure, and ideas being a member gives you access to. It’s a forum of like- minded people to bounce ideas off, get tips, and gain new opportunities. But the main benefit to me has been the awesome community that has evolved with being a member. If you are a Canadian coach, of any type, I highly recommend you join.“

"Broadened and deepened my network"

Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur’s G.P.S.

“Heather has created this amazing community of Canadian coaches. It has helped me make connections right across Canada with other coaches and its broadened and deepened my network. In fact, through those connections, I’ve been introduced to a whole new marketplace.”

"The support from the group is awesome"

Mark Johnson, Success Innovations Inc.

"I joined the Canadian Coach to get more exposure for my business. What I have experienced has been amazing. The community of coaches supporting each other, sharing tips, resources, feedback, and ideas is more than I could have hoped for. The support from the group is awesome. There are corporate partners that are worth a ton to your business. If you are a Canadian coach, you are doing a disservice to your business if you are not a member."

"Heather delivers incredible insights, support and information"

Susan Friesen, eVision Media

“Heather is a true Canadian coach and there’s no one better suited to create and support this Canadian coach membership website. Being a coach herself for years, she knows what kind of support coaches need in order to flourish in their business; and Heather delivers incredible insights, support and information to help The Canadian Coach members do just that.“

"I'm delighted to be a part of The Canadian Coach"

Lynda Goldman, Wellness Ink

“I’m delighted to be part of The Canadian Coach group. I love to meet other Canadian coaches to learn from them, share resources, and help each other. It’s wonderful to support other Canadians whenever we can, and most of us are hidden resources – until now, where the Canadian Coach shines a light on all the knowledge and wisdom that Canadian coaches bring to each other and to the world. As a famous saying goes, “The World Needs More Canada”.

A huge thank you to these coaches for their kind words. I so appreciate the excellent work that our community does for each other, for Canada, and for the world.

And now that you’ve made it here, I want to do something special for you:


Now, I Want To Invite You To Become The Next Member Of
The Canadian Coach Professional Community

Here’s everything you get access to as a member:

Instant access to all The Canadian Coach Business Academy Courses

Wading through all the information out there regarding building a thriving coaching practice can be a challenge. We've put it all in one place in The Canadian Coach Business Academy.

Here are just a few of the modules available:

  • Set Your Foundations–Start your business on the right foot and get organized legally, internally and externally
  • Create Your Offer–Get clear on who you serve and your unique value proposition, learn how to create and validate your business products, services and pricing
  • Attract Your Ideal Client–Develop an awesome (and simple) marketing strategy that includes effective messaging, tactics and tools to attract new clients and grow your business quickly
  • Enroll Your Ideal Client-Learn simple proven professional selling and negotiation techniques to enroll your clients on their new coaching journey
  • Provide a Powerful Experience-Learn how to WOW your clients every step of the coaching journey with you.
  • Start with Basic Tools–Discover which tech tools you should use now and which tools you can leave for another day.
  • And many more...
  • Attend Regular “What’s Working Now” Trainings Hosted By Experts In Our Community

    Members teach each other skills and strategies that everyone can take advantage of in their own businesses.

    Here are just a few of the trainings hosted recently (and now available on-demand inside the member’s area):

    • “Your $10,000 Business Card: How to leverage your book to stand out from the crowd,” hosted by Lynda Goldman, author of 44 books, including a #1 Amazon Bestseller
    • “3 Kickass Marketing Strategies to Create a Constant Flow of Premium Clients (without complicated sales funnels, expensive technology or paid advertising)”, hosted by Diana Lidstone
    • “Unlock the Power of Facebook: How to best capitalize on Facebook marketing through your website using specific strategies,” hosted by Susan Friesen, owner of eVision Media

    These experts could easily charge $97 for each of these trainings, but you get to attend live and access the recordings on-demand for free, just by joining the community.

    List Your Business In The Coach Directory

    As soon as you join, you’ll have the opportunity to create a profile that gets published to The Canadian Coach website. This listing includes your headshot, bio, website and social media links. All visitors to the directory can search and find you by name, province, and type of coach.

    Promote Your Affiliation With The Canadian Coach

    Community members in good standing are able to display The Canadian Coach logo on their website and marketing materials, adding an extra layer of credibility.

    Get Instant Access To The Members Portal

    This portal will be your “one stop shop” for everything that your membership includes. It’s an easy way to access all the resources available to you.

    Build Authority and Visibility Through The Canadian Coach Blog and Social Media Channels

    Community members have the opportunity to publish guest articles on The Canadian Coach blog, which get promoted via several social media channels.

    Save Big With Partner Discounts

    I scour Canada for companies with high quality products and services that can help our members build a thriving coaching business. As soon as I find a company that fits the criteria, I work with them to negotiate a discount for our members, and then they get listed inside the members portal. Not only do you get to support vetted Canadian businesses, you can also save yourself a lot of money by doing so!

    Strengthen Relationships With Monthly Coaching Calls

    These calls are an opportunity for our community to bond and get to know one another. Many strong friendships have resulted from these calls.

    Get Expert Feedback With Hot Seat Coaching Opportunities

    This is your chance to get some laser focused attention on your business. Members use these sessions to get unstuck, get moving and get a valuable perspective on their specific business situation.

    Grow Your Network Through Live Events and Meetups

    When I travel across Canada, I organize special opportunities for members in certain cities or regions to get together and get to know each other face-to-face. I also work with community members throughout Canada to host their own get-togethers if I’m not able to attend.

And To Sweeten The Pot, You Get Instant Access To These Bonuses When You Join

Event Mastery Blueprint ($997 Value)

How to easily plan and track your live event in 6 weeks or less.

This online course gives you everything you need to know to easily and effortlessly plan and fill your half or one day live event. There’s zero fluff in this program, just proven strategies, tips, techniques and blueprints that have worked for me and many others to sell out our events fast.

Fast Cash Intensive (Value $197)

How to get off the cash flow roller coaster and add $100’s or $1000’s to your bank account over and over again.

In this masterclass (and workbook), Diana Lidstone teaches you 4 proven steps that will help you put cash in your bank account, over and over again whether it’s for long term profitability or short term gain; including where to find that dream client of yours who will pay you handsomely!

Ultimate Course Formula (Value $97)

Create and sell online courses in 60 days or less (even if you don’t have a list and are starting from scratch)

Iman Aghay presents this special masterclass that will show you the most effective way to create and sell your online course, including:

  • How to make sure your course will sell well before even recording the first piece of content
  • How to get some of the most influential people in the world to promote your course
  • A proven 8 step strategy to create your course from scratch even if you don’t know what your course should be about
  • How to do ALL of this without getting overwhelmed with all the technical tools and marketing tasks
Thinkific - Online Course Platform (Value $1,100+)

Create, market, and sell courses online from your own website

Thinkific (a Canadian company) brings beautifully simple course creation to your coaching business. Whether you are educating 10 students or 10 million, feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and the best support in the business.

The Canadian Coach members get 3 months free PLUS a ton of exclusive bonuses valued at over $1100!

Here's The Total Value of Everything You Get

What You Get Today Value
The Canadian Coach Business Academy $1500
Professional Listing in The Canadian Coach Directory $47
Monthly Guest Expert Trainings $97
Monthly Group Coaching + Hot Seat Opportunities $197
Event Mastery Blueprint $997
Fast Cash Intensive $197
Ultimate Course Formula $97
Thinkific - Online Course Platform (3 Months Free + Exclusive Bonuses) $1,100
Total Value $4,232

So by now you’re probably wondering…

“That Sounds Great And All, But How Much Does It Cost?”

Well, consider this…

If the only thing you got from your membership was monthly, laser-focused hot seats that help you solve your toughest business challenges, it’d be worth it.

If the only thing you got from your membership was a course that helped you find and enroll clients and create profit, it’d be worth it.

If the only thing you got from your membership was thousands of dollars worth of discounts at Canadian companies that can help you grow your business, it’d be worth it.

If the only thing you got from your membership was a ready-made network of experts you can call on for help, it’d be worth it.

Not only does The Canadian Coach do each of these, but it also does so much more.

And, while the total value of everything you get is $4,232

You’re not even going to pay $1,863.

In fact, you’re not even going to pay $931.50.

And that’s why, with a one time investment of $99 (plus tax) and then just $19.95 per month (plus tax)(yes, that's Canadian dollars), it’s an incredible deal. The Canadian Coach Business Academy alone is worth 10 times that.

My ultimate goal is for this membership to not cost you anything at all. In fact, I want this to be better than free. Here’s how…

Just one insight from someone who’s traveled the same road could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, paying for your membership many times over.

It only takes one great idea from a fellow coach to add thousands, even tens of thousands, to your income. All it takes is one training to show you what you need to do.

Just one piece of advice could save you hours upon hours of frustrating trial and error. Hours you now get to spend on much more productive parts of your business.

“Why The One-Time Enrollment Fee?”

You might be wondering why there’s an initial, one-time investment of $99 for new members.

Here’s the thing…

Our #1 goal is to grow a thriving professional community of committed Canadian Coaches.

And there are three important ways we do this:

1) We Make Sure It Continues To Be a Thriving, Supportive Community Full of Serious and Committed Coaches

Like any exclusive community, The Canadian Coach is able to thrive because of the quality of its members. I’m proud to say we have some of the best, most warm-hearted coaches on the planet inside our community.

The coaches inside The Canadian Coach are truly committed to supporting one another to achieve success, whatever that might look like for them. As part of that, the coaches inside The Canadian Coach community take their businesses seriously and expect others to do so as well.

Because the regular low monthly fee can be as painless as paying for Netflix every month, it might attract those who are less committed to coaching. The one-time enrollment fee acts as a gatekeeper so that only coaches committed to growing a thriving business sign up.

2) We Spread the Word and Attract Professional Coaches From Around the Country

The one-time enrollment fee allows us to market and grow the community. The more committed coaches we have, the better it is for everyone. Without extra resources, it’s more difficult for us to go out and find new members for our community.

By helping cover some of the cost with this one-time fee, you’re helping coaches across the country find each other and continue to grow an exclusive professional community just for Canadians.

3) We Create High Quality Educational Resources for Coaches At All Stages Of Their Growth Journey

As part of our mission to help Canadian Coaches grow their businesses, we offer a range of educational resources to members, including the Canadian Coach Business Academy.

Members are supported by these resources, whether they are a brand new coach or an experienced coaching veteran. These educational initiatives are supported in part by the one-time enrollment fee.

And I Have An Extra Special Gift For You When Join Right Now

This one is actually fairly time-consuming, and I’m considering taking it down soon. But, I know how helpful it is for new members to get a jumpstart, so I’m guaranteeing that for the next 5 people who join, one of our TCC team members will work with you to write and publish your profile, including your business description.

New members are loving this, because it means you get a handcrafted member profile designed to attract your perfect client and entice them to learn more about you.

Again, I don’t know how much longer I want to make this available, so the safe bet is to claim your gift now.

Get Started Today

Explore everything, take The Canadian Coach Business Academy course, meet the community members, publish your directory profile, access the training library, all of it right now for just $99(plus tax), and then only $19.95 per month (plus tax).

If at any point you decide you’re not completely thrilled with your membership, just send us a one-line email and we’ll cancel your membership promptly, with no hard feelings.

Join Now

You’re Protected By Our
“Lifetime Price Lock” Guarantee

I promise that as long as you are a member of The Canadian Coach, your monthly membership rate will never go up. Even when the price goes up in the future to reflect the high amount of value within the membership, you will still pay the same low rate.

You’re Also Protected Our
Cancel Anytime Guarantee

There are no contracts or hidden commitments with your membership. While there are no refunds on your registration or monthly fees, you can cancel your membership any time and you won’t be charged for future months.

And, even if you cancel your membership, you get to keep the Event Mastery Blueprint program ($997 Value). It’s my gift to you for giving us a try. You have so, so much to gain by joining our community.

I recommend you join right now, because…

This Monthly Rate Guaranteed For This Week Only

The monthly membership fee won’t always be this low. I’m actually considering raising it soon, because people keep telling me it’s too low. I actually get that “wide-eyed” look when I tell people how low the price is per month…

Join Us Today For Just $99 To Start

Say goodbye to the jungle of over-hyped promises, underwhelming “secrets”, and less-than-honest gurus. Join a community of active professional coaches committed to each others’ success. Get help on your specific business challenges so you get unstuck and keep moving forward week after week.

Remember, you’re backed by my “Lifetime Price Lock” Guarantee. You can join now and lock in your monthly rate of $19.95 (plus tax) forever, and you can cancel anytime.

Please don’t be a coach who gets stuck, grows frustrated, and gives up. We have a community ready to support you.

Give us a try. If you don’t like it, just send us an email. But just imagine… What if you love it?

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Looking forward to seeing you inside.

Heather E. Wilson
Founder & CEO, The Canadian Coach